What song do you do the Harlem Shake to?

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What song do you do the Harlem Shake to?

The video featured the character “Pink Guy” from The Filthy Frank Show entitled “Filthy Compilation #6 – Smell My Fingers”, which featured a section where several costumed people danced to the song “Harlem Shake” by Baauer.

Did Filthy Frank create the Harlem Shake?

The meme started when YouTube comedian Filthy Frank took “Harlem Shake” by Brooklyn-based Latino producer Baauer and played off the wild dubstep drop 15 seconds into the song. That’s when everything gets wild. But this Harlem Shake is not quite like the original.

Is Harlem Shake a hip-hop?

The Harlem Shake became mainstream in 2001 with the release of the music video for “Let’s Get It” by G. The dance became popular in hip-hop music videos of the era especially with artists from Harlem. Most notably it was a key feature in music videos for Jadakiss’ “Put Your Hands Up and G.

Who made the Harlem Shake song?

Héctor el Father
Harlem Shake/Composers

What are they saying in the Harlem Shake?

“Harlem Shake” begins with a sample of a voice shouting “con los terroristas”, a Spanish phrase which translates to “with the terrorists” in English.

Does Google do the Harlem Shake?

YouTube ‘Do The Harlem Shake’ Command Is The New Google ‘Do A Barrel Roll’ Just go to YouTube and search for “do the Harlem Shake,” then wait for a few seconds. The YouTube logo will start bouncing to the beat, and once the bass drops, the page will just basically explode.

What year did the Harlem Shake come out?

Harlem Shake/Released
In February 2013, DJ Al Baauer’s song “Harlem Shake” (originally released May 22, 2012) went viral and became an Internet meme (Harlem Shake meme).

Do the Harlem Shuffle original?

“Harlem Shuffle” is an R&B song written and originally recorded by the duo Bob & Earl in 1963….Harlem Shuffle.

“Harlem Shuffle”
Released 1963
Genre Rhythm and blues
Length 2:35
Label Marc Records 104

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