What is an injector sleeve?

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What is an injector sleeve?

The diesel injector sleeve (a.k.a. fuel injector sleeve) seals and protects the injector in the cylinder head, separating the fuel system from the cooling circuit.

What causes injector cups to fail?

heating cycles will cause the Loc-Tite to degrade and lose its’ sealing properties…but they are usually ‘good’ for a couple hundred thousand miles. OVER-heating (run out of coolant & overheat the cyl head) is another way to cause the cup/sealant to fail…as well as just normal metal fatigue.

How do I know if my injector 7.3 is bad?

Check the exhaust smoke from your vehicle. White smoke is normal when starting your vehicle, but white smoke when driving indicates that there is a loose injector. Black smoke emission can also be normal when accelerating the vehicle, but if you notice black smoke at other times, this indicates a bad fuel injector.

Can I rebuild my own diesel injectors?

Your injector is a highly precise device that measures and injects fuel into the combustion chamber in your diesel engine. Because it is such a highly machined component in the engine, it isn’t recommended to take this task on at home. It needs to be done in a well-established, environment-controlled clean room.

What kind of injector Cup removal tools do I Need?

We create injector cup/sleeve removal tools for the 6.0 L, 7.3 L, and 6.4 L Ford Powerstroke Diesel engine. Our big truck injector cup/sleeve removal tools are ideal for 3126 CAT diesel engine, Detroit 60 Series diesel engine, international ® DT 530 Electrical and Mechanical engine, and Cummins 855 diesel engine.

Where does the 7.3 Power Stroke injector Cup sit?

Machined in Northeast Ohio! The 7.3L Power Stroke injectors sit in a brass sleeve that separates the injector, and fuel, from the engine’s coolant. These brass sleeves weaken and fatigue from age and tend to split and fail.

Is there free shipping on power stroke injector Cups?

Shipping: FREE SHIPPING includes regular ground shipping to the lower 48 US states. Orders overs $300 to new customers will ship with signature required. Please note that we do NOT rent out our tools, EVER!! We strongly discourage renting a tool of this nature. Rented tools typically are abused and not cared for.

What’s the best way to remove Cups from a diesel engine?

This job can be done with the cylinder heads on, works great. Small enough to enable you to change even the hard to get at cups at the rear of the engine. The high-speed steel tap used in the removal tool is the highest quality available. It will stay sharp and you can use this tool hundreds of times.

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