How old is Fire-King Ware?

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How old is Fire-King Ware?

Introduced in the 1940s, Fire-King is Anchor Hocking’s brand name for glassware similar to Corning’s Pyrex. Fire-King was first made of annealed borosilicate, a low-expansion glass that could be put into an oven.

How can you tell a vintage Fire-King?

Although these pieces are most often identified through visual confirmation of one of the Fire-King patterns, they can also be confirmed by locating the Anchor Hocking insignia (an anchor with an H) and/or a written attribution to either Fire-King or Anchor Hocking on the underside of every dish.

What is the rarest Depression glass?

The most sought after pattern of Depression glass is arguably Royal Lace, which was made by the Hazel-Atlas Glass Company. This pattern was manufactured in green, pink, crystal, and most notably, cobalt blue.

How do you date Fire-King Ware?

Most Fire-King pieces were marked, but some were not marked. Marks were changed over time. During these transitions more than one mark would be used….FAQs for Fire-King Collectors.

OVEN FIRE-KING GLASS mid 1940s – early 1950s
OVEN FIRE-KING WARE (Block or script Lettering) mid to late 1940s

Is the Fire-King valuable?

Fire-King is a brand of glassware. Created by Anchor Hocking, it is similar to Pyrex. Its formulation has changed over time; today it is made of tempered soda-lime-silicate glass. While Fire-King isn’t a high-end collectible, some rarer pieces are worth a good deal of money.

Can you microwave Fire-King?

Although earlier pieces came out before the advent of microwave ovens, most Fire-King can go into the microwave, unless it has trim. Fire-King will lose its luster and coloring over time if placed in a dishwasher.

Can you eat off of depression glass?

We do know from lead crystal that minerals can leach out of glass into food and then into bodies when the food is eaten. Myself, I wouldn’t eat off depression glass, but wouldn’t have a problem keeping it to enjoy it’s beauty.

What color of depression glass is most valuable?

Pink glass is most valuable, followed by blue and green. Rare colors such as tangerine and lavender are also worth more than common colors like yellow and amber.

Is the Fire-King collectible?

Can you bake in Fire-King?

Fire-King is an Anchor Hocking brand of glassware similar to Pyrex. It was formerly made of low expansion borosilicate glass and ideal for oven use.

Does depression glass glow in the dark?

Both green Depression glass and Vaseline glass will glow under a black light due ​to the uranium oxide content in the glass. Old Burmese glass fluoresces a similar yellow-green color. American colorless pressed glass made before 1930 is said to fluoresce yellow, while reproductions generally do not.

Is blue glass worth anything?

Moderately priced vintage selections in cobalt blue vary widely in variety and price. You can still find a single Chevron milk pitcher or violin-shaped bottle in this color for well under 30 dollars. Authentic Shirley Temple pieces from the Depression-era can still be found for under 50 dollars apiece.

When was the first Fire King glass made?

This white Fire-King glass, produced from 1967 to 1977, sports an avocado green floral pattern in both dinnerware pieces and matching baking ware (similar to some Pyrex dinnerware). Prices on these pieces just coming into their own remain quite affordable.

When did Anchor Hocking start making fire King glass?

Of the opaque Fire-King series, the Jade-ite remains the most popular for collectors. Produced between 1942 and 1956, this low-cost light-green milk glass was often given away at promotional events and in partnership with local businesses. In addition to these colorful items, Anchor Hocking also introduced the Peach Lustre series.

What was the most popular Fire King set?

Although translucent Fire-King kitchenware was beloved for its unique patterns, the Anchor Hocking’s opaque Fire-King sets were by far the better sellers of the two styles. While these opaque sets came in a rainbow of colors, two of the company’s most popular ones were the Jade-ite and Peach Lustre lines.

How to identify vintage fire King kitchenware?

Due to the popularity of stylized kitchenware in the atomic age, vintage Fire-King pattern identification can be somewhat complicated for those with an untrained eye.

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