How do you get into the Sith Academy on Korriban?

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How do you get into the Sith Academy on Korriban?

Entering the Sith Academy Talk to the Sith Academy Guard and he’ll tell you that to enter you need a Sith Medallion. Only Master Yuthura at the Cantina can let you in. Head back to the Cantina and speak with Master Yuthura. She may or may not let you into the Academy right away, depending on how convincing you are.

Should I kill Uthar or Yuthura?

The correct answer is to kill them both, then leave and let the remains figure it out for themselves. Only for the Dark Side. For the Light Side it’s better to kill Uthar and redeem Yuthura which still leaves the same power vacuum. Canon is probably Yuthura and redeem her to the light.

What are the answers to the test on Korriban in Kotor 2?

Once you land on Korriban, search the area to the right and the left of the Ebon Hawk and Kreia will contact you through the force bond….Return to the training console and enter these answers to pass the test:

  • Freedon Nadde.
  • Gizka.
  • I always lie.
  • Passion, strength, power, victory.

Can you kill Darth Sion on Korriban?

The Duel. “Sion. He cannot be defeated… he is not a beast of flesh and blood. This is not a battle that can be won.

Do you have to join the Sith Academy in Kotor?

You don’t have to, of course, but you should. The Shyrack Caves, where the Sith missing are located, is on the linear pathway to the Valley of the Dark Lords, beyond the Sith Academy. You really can’t miss it, it’ll be on your left if you’re leaving the Sith Academy.

Is Korriban still canon?

Star Wars Makes The Expanded Universe Sith Homeworld’s Name Canon. Star Wars has just made the Expanded Universe name of the Sith homeworld canon – it seems Korriban is back in Disney’s Star Wars! Star Wars has just made the ancient name of the Sith homeworld, Korriban, canon once again.

When can you enter the cave on Korriban?

Valley of Dark Lords If you’re a strongly aligned character you can enter the Shyrack Cave now. If not come back later as you won’t be able to enter the Secret Tomb until your character is ready.

Who killed Darth Sion?

the Jedi Exile
Darth Sion was killed by the Jedi Exile in the Trayus Academy before the destruction of Malachor V. The Jedi Exile managed to persuade Sion to let go of his anger as he died because he was afraid of letting his power go.

What happened to the Sith Academy?

Shortly after the destruction of the Star Forge in the Battle of Rakata Prime, infighting at the Academy and elsewhere, known as the Sith Civil War, turned Korriban into a graveyard once more. It was looted after the fighting died out and the Academy was abandoned again.

Can you join the Sith in Kotor?

When you talk to the guard, he’ll tell you that you have the Sith Medallion you need to gain entrance to the Sith Academy building. He’ll give you a very, very long talk about the Dark Side, the Sith, the power of the two combined and why it is important to join the Dark Side.

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