What is vernacular architecture design?

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What is vernacular architecture design?

Vernacular architecture can be defined as a type of local or regional construction, using traditional materials and resources from the area where the building is located. Given such unique features, the definition of vernacular architecture may become somewhat unclear.

What is Thailand architecture?

Characteristics of Thai architecture include steeply-sloping tile roofs with up turned edges, open air spaces and lush gardens. Stupas are bell-shaped, similar to the Sri-Lankan style. Sometimes Thai architecture is best appreciated for its details.

What is architectonic in architecture?

1 : of, relating to, or according with the principles of architecture : architectural. 2 : having an organized and unified structure that suggests an architectural design.

What is the current style of architecture?

Contemporary architecture” essentially refers to the current style of architecture.

What makes an architecture unique?

Unique among creative and artistic professions, architecture must always reflect the age and cultural context that produced it. Communities form within and at the behest of architecture, and take on their buildings’ characteristics.

What is an example of vernacular architecture?

The alpine chalet or a bamboo home from South-East Asia are just some examples of this “vernacular” architecture. Vernacular architecture evolves over time reflecting the characteristics of the local environment, climate, culture, natural materials, technology and the experience of centuries of community building.

What is the famous architecture of Thailand?

1. Elephant Tower, Bangkok. Elephant Building, otherwise known as the Chang Building, located in Chatuchak district of northern Bangkok, is one of the most prominent and famous buildings in Thailand because of its architectural resemblance to the elephant.

What is the difference between architectonic and architectural?

As adjectives the difference between architectonic and architectural. is that architectonic is relating to, or characteristic of architecture, design and construction while architectural is pertaining to architecture.

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