How much does an above ground pool cost in NY?

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How much does an above ground pool cost in NY?

New York Pool Costs By Type

Pool Type Minimum Cost Maximum Cost
Above Ground Pool $1,000 $6,000
Fiberglass (Inground) Pool $5,000 $40,000
Inground Pools $5,000 $78,000

How much does a 24 foot above ground pool cost?

The cost of an above ground pool with installation varies on size, however, a 24 foot round above ground pool installed cost is between $1,720 and $3,840 depending on site work and features included with the pool.

How much does a 12×24 above ground pool cost?

Above-ground pools come in several shapes and sizes, with or without decks. Building an above-ground pool costs $3,000 to $7,500. The average homeowner spends around $5,000 building a 12’x24′ foot oval above-ground pool with a liner. This project’s low cost is around $1,500 for an 18-foot round metal pool.

Is it worth having an above-ground pool?

An above-ground pool is, by far, the least-expensive option for a pool. Kids love them, and built-in fencing and locking gate options make them safe as long as an adult monitors them. The main disadvantage of an above-ground pool is that it generally adds no value to your home.

What should I put under my above ground pool to level?

Here’s a list of the most popular materials to put underneath an above ground pool, whether it’s on grass, pavers, gravel or concrete.

  1. Interlocking Foam Tiles.
  2. Carpet.
  3. Intex Ground Cloth.
  4. Flooring underlayment.
  5. Carpet padding.
  6. Sand.

What is the deepest above ground pool you can get?

You may be thinking above ground pools cannot be that deep, but they can actually go as far down as 8 feet or more! This is due to the elasticity of the vinyl liners. The vinyl liner can accommodate a space that may not be shaped exactly like a perfect pool. When installing, make sure it is over a gradual slope.

How deep is a 12×24 pool?

Standard In-Ground Pool Volumes in Gallons by Size
Pool Size (in feet) 3.5 ft Avg Depth 4.5 ft Avg Depth
12×24 7,600 9,700
14×28 10,300 13,200
15×30 11,800 15,200

Can I put above ground pool on grass?

Yes, you can put above ground pools on artificial grass, but it is not without consequences. For one, the weight of the pool materials and the water will damage and flatten the blades of the artificial grass.

How much does it cost to install a pool in New York?

This info is based on 49 cost profiles, as reported by ImproveNet members. The average pool cost in New York is $4,900. Nonetheless, there are many factors that can vastly alter your pool installation cost.

What kind of Pool do you need in New York?

If you want to limit your total New York pool price, go with an above ground pool. They require a lot less materials and time to install. On the other hand, if you’re committed to spending the average shown above (or more), inground pools are the standard.

Are there swimming pools in the Capital District?

Islander Pools & Spas is a locally owned and operated 3rd generation business. We have been operating out of the same building since 1967! Islander Pools and Spas is the Capital District’s premier swimming pool dealer. Carrying top quality brands from Radiant and Sharkline with many models, shapes, and sizes to choose from.

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