Is a Decat bad for your car?

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Is a Decat bad for your car?

Damage anything? No side affects as such. The reason you’d fit one is to help the engine’s breathing and power output, both of which will affect your petrol bill. It’ll also sound louder, but on a standard exhaust it’ll be easilly bearable.

Can you legally Decat a car?

sammyhale22. Its not illegal by law to have a decat. The people who set rules about emissions are the DVLA, not the police. The police don’t do anything about decats unless they are accompanied by a vosa emissions officer, who is authorised to test the car.

Does a Decat make your car louder?

it will make it a bit louder but i think its more the cat back system that really controls how loud it is, so shouldn’t be too bad.

What is Decat on a car?

A Decat / De-Cat or Decat Pipe is simply a straight piece of tube that is used to replace a catalytic converter. Modern engines have a sensor positioned after the catalytic converter which sends information back to the ECU instructing the ECU how to control the fuel/air mixture.

Does a Decat use more fuel?

The turbo is able to spin up to speed a bit quicker and seems to pick up quicker between gear changes. In theory the MPG should be better as there is less restriction in the exhaust system. So that means when cruising the car can be maintained on a lighter throttle pressure.

Does a Decat make a difference?

The Decat on my R56 plus a FMIC and decoke made a big difference. It pulled 164bhp with a FMIC and debaffled backbox. After a decoke, plus fitting of Decat it pulled 188bhp. Turbo cars generally benefit more from a decat.

Why is removing the catalytic converter illegal?

The Environmental Protection Agency issued these guidelines and many states in the US like California have strict rules when it comes to emissions. Tampering or removing catalytic converters that are still functioning is illegal and can cost you thousands of dollars in fines. Releases toxic fumes in the atmosphere.

How much HP does a Decat give?

It’ll give prolly about a 2bhp gain, depending on how the engine is etc etc.

Will a Decat make my exhaust pop?

When excess fuel enters the exhaust system it increases in temperature and ignites inside the exhaust instead of the combustion chamber. The noise can be exaggerated by fitting a decat or full decat exhaust system. But the main cause of pops and bangs is the ECU and the fuelling of the car.

How much BHP does a Decat give?

Do you need a cat for mot?

No car HAS to have a cat for mot , it just needs to pass the emissions test for the spec given , A well mapped car should pass even the strictest test on a 1997 even with no cat.

What happens when you put a decat on a car?

It’ll also sound louder, but on a standard exhaust it’ll be easilly bearable. Moreover, what happens when you Decat a car? a decat can release power by de restricting the exhaust. the cat itself had to be fitted to every car after 91. the cat uses precious metals to remove/convert the harmful gases in the exhaust.

Can a decat pipe be fitted on a car?

On some cars (eg Evo) the CAT is flanged each end making the removal and replacement by decat pipe a very simple, cheap and therefore (in bhp/£ terms) a cost effective way to start adding power. Anyhow, for the purpose of this thread lets assume someone thinks this is a good idea and has fitted a decat.

What’s the difference between a decat and a de-cat?

What is a decat? The first and easiest is referred to as a de-cat or decat pipe . It is quite simply a pipe that sits where the catalyst should go and effectively the entire catalyst is removed. What are the drawbacks of a de-cat?

Can a cat be replaced with a decat?

The CAT is a honeycomb and replacement with a straight through pipe in this section will reduce resistance (aka back pressure) and allow the turbo to spool up faster. On a 300bhp turbo 4 pot a decat can add in the region of 20bhp+.

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