Is Chizuru Yukimura strong?

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Is Chizuru Yukimura strong?

Despite her status as a demon, Chizuru is not very strong physically. However, she is strong-willed to the point of obstinacy, and can verge on the self-sacrificial if she believes it necessary.

Does Chikage like Chizuru?

Kazama Chikage, known as Chikage Kazama in the localization, is a character in Hakuōki. He may be an antagonist, protagonist, or ally, depending on the chosen route, and he is one of Chizuru’s potential love interests.

How old are the characters from Hakuouki?

Based on history, their age when Hakuouki started, about half a year after Shinsengumi’s establishment : Heisuke [19], Saitou [19], Okita [21], Sano [23], Shinpachi [24], Hijikata [28], Kondou [29], Sannan [30], Gen-san [34], Shimada [35]. There’s no specific age setting in Hakuouki.

Does Okita like Chizuru?

According to his love letter in Stories of the Shinsengumi, Okita first develops a romantic interest in Chizuru sometime after she honors her word to keep his tuberculosis a secret.

Does Chizuru like Kazuya?

It’s hard to tell because she doesn’t show much towards Kazuya and she blushes from time to time but that’s it. It’s pretty obvious Kazuya likes her but not the same vice versa.

How old is Chizuru Mizuhara?

Chizuru Mizuhara’s birthdate is April 19, 1998. She is currently 20 years old and her zodiac sign is Aries.

How old is Heisuke?

Heisuke Todo

Heisuke Toudou
Race Human, Rasetsu
Age 18-19
Height 160cm

Is there any romance in hakuouki?

Hakuouki is also a romance game. There are five main storylines, each focusing on one of the legendary Shinsengumi captains. Each storyline features a diverging set of situations, characters, and story information.

Who are the main characters in Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan?

Chizuru Yukimura (雪村 千鶴 Yukimura Chizuru) is the main protagonist in the Hakuōki Shinsengumi Kitan series. She is the narrator of the anime and games. She is a pure-blooded oni and the only female in the Shinsengumi. After being taken in by the Shinsengumi, she becomes a medic, cook, messenger and attendant for the organization.

Who is Yukimura Chizuru based on in Hakuouki?

Based on Idea Factory’s romance adventure game: Yukimura Chizuru has come to Kyoto looking for her father, a doctor who has gone missing. While there, she witnesses a fight between Rasetsu and the Shinsengumi.

When did Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan come out?

Two of the games have been published in English by Aksys Games. The series has been adapted into an anime series and animated by Studio DEEN. The first series, Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan, began airing in Japan on the TV Kanagawa and UHF stations on April 4, 2010. The second season began airing on October 10, 2010 and ended on December 12, 2010.

Who is the director of Hakuoki dawn of the Shinsengumi?

Hakuoki: Dawn of the Shinsengumi Directed by Osamu Yamasaki Produced by Asuka Yamazaki Mitsutoshi Ogura Takashi Iwasaki Yōhei Hayashi Written by Osamu Yamasaki (#1, 4) Mitsutaka Hirota (#2, 6, 9)

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