Is there another Escape to Witch Mountain?

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Is there another Escape to Witch Mountain?

Return from Witch Mountain is a 1978 American science fiction–adventure film and a sequel to Escape to Witch Mountain (1975) and the second film in the Witch Mountain franchise. It was produced by Walt Disney Productions.

Who were the Escape to Witch Mountain kids?

Escape to Witch Mountain (1975) In this live-action film, Tony and Tia were played by Ike Eisenmann and Kim Richards, Lucas Deranian by Donald Pleasence, and the children’s Uncle Bené (whom they believe to have drowned in a long-ago accident) by Denver Pyle.

Is Escape to Witch Mountain scary?

Parents need to know that this family-friendly film has some mildy scary/tense scenes that may frighten sensitive or younger kids.

Is Race to Witch Mountain Real?

Donald Harlan, who tells them that the spaceship was taken to the secret US government base named Witch Mountain. Some weeks later, Bruno and Friedman become successful authors of a book named Race to Witch Mountain: A True Story.

Are the Witch Mountain movies connected?

The original trilogy has an overarching plot-line that spans the installments, while the 1995 television movie adaptation and the 2009 theatrical re-imagined legacy sequel are standalone in nature.

What is the order of the Witch Mountain series?

Escape to Witch Mountain1975
Return from Witch Mountain1978Beyond Witch Mountain1982Escape to Witch Mountain1995Race to Witch Mountain2009
Escape to Witch Mountain/Movies

Who is the little girl in Escape to Witch Mountain?

Kim Richards
Kim Richards as Tia Malone, a nine-year-old orphan with psychic powers.

How long is Escape to Witch Mountain?

1h 37m
Escape to Witch Mountain/Running time

97 min. Escape to Witch Mountain is a 1975 American fantasy science-fiction film, adapted from the 1968 science fiction novel of the same name written by Alexander H. Key.

Who is Tina in Race to Witch Mountain?

Kim Richards and Iake Eissinmann, who starred in the original 1975 classic Escape to Witch Mountain have cameo roles as Tina and Sheriff Antony. 99 min.

Who is the singer in Race to Witch Mountain?

Modern Country group BROKEDOWN CADILLAC–fronted by CORRI ENGLISH and RANDY DUNHAM–will make their national debut March 13 when the new Walt Disney Pictures film Race To Witch Mountain hits theaters.

What was the first Witch Mountain?

Escape to Witch Mountain

Film U.S. release date Story by
Escape to Witch Mountain March 21, 1975 Robert M. Young
Return from Witch Mountain March 10, 1978 Malcolm Marmorstein
Beyond Witch Mountain February 20, 1982 Robert Malcolm Young
Disney’s Escape to Witch Mountain April 29, 1995 Robert Malcom Young

What are all the Witch Mountain movies?

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