Can you hide a listing on Etsy?

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Can you hide a listing on Etsy?

If you no longer sell an item, you can deactivate the listing in your shop. Deactivating listings removes them from your shop page, and buyers can no longer buy them.

How do I make my favorites private on Etsy?

How to make your favorite lists private

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click the Favorites icon.
  3. Click on a Favorites List, like Items I Love or a custom list you created.
  4. Click Edit in the upper right corner under your cart icon. Here you can choose Only I can see this list.

Can you hide number of sales on Etsy?

Go to Shop Manager > Settings > Options. Scroll down to the Sold Listings section at the bottom of this page. Under “Want shoppers to be able to see these?” select the button for “No, hide them.”

How do I add a personalized listing on Etsy?

To enable personalization for a listing:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click Shop Manager.
  3. Click Listings.
  4. Click a listing you want to add personalization to.
  5. Under Inventory and pricing, toggle Personalization to On.

How often do Etsy listings renew?

Etsy listings DO expire after four months. At that time, you will have to re-add those listings to your shop and pay the $0.20 cent fee for each listing that goes back on the site. For example, if you have 100 listings that don’t sell, you will owe $20 every four months to keep them on your site.

Should I show sold items on Etsy?

There isn’t any way to show sold items actually in your shop, as everything listed on Etsy has to be for sale.

Can you make your Etsy profile private?

Click the Your Account link along the top of any Etsy page. Click the Settings link on the left side of the Your Account page. Click the Privacy tab at the top of the page. In the Favorites section of the Privacy tab, click the Only You (Private) option button to select it.

Are my Etsy purchases public?

Your purchase history remains private on Etsy, and that had never changed.

Are Etsy sales accurate?

Can Etsy Stores Fake Sales to Look Better? There are a few ways to fake sales on Etsy, but they’re not without hoops to jump through. Not only that, but it’s highly frowned upon by Etsy, and they keep a pretty sharp monitor on their shops to prevent this kind of shifty business.

Can someone see if you look at their Etsy?

Yes, your entire activity log is visible without being logged into Etsy. The only thing that is visible to Etsy members only is the Direct Message link.

How do you add items to Etsy?

To list an item in your Etsy shop:

  1. On, click Shop Manager. (On the Sell on Etsy app, tap More.)
  2. Click Listings. If you’re a new seller, click Your shop.
  3. Click Add a listing. On the Sell on Etsy app, tap the + (plus) icon.

How many variations can you have on Etsy?

You can offer up to two types of variations for each listing. For example, if you sell a dress with different sizes and colors, you can specify these options in that dress listing’s variations.

How does the private bidding work on eBay?

Trying to contact ebay is like pulling teeth. 03-08-2015 08:12 PM The private listing option hides the identities and email addresses of all bidders, both during and after a sale. Only the seller and the highest bidder see the listing results, and only the seller knows who bought the item.

What does it mean to have a private listing on Etsy?

@SeaglassandSilverGB “Private” listing is just another term for “Custom” listing. We only get one per convo thread that was started by a Buyer, as you have discovered. Creating a “reserved” listing is the only thing to do, short of asking your Buyer to start a new Convo.

Why do sellers use private listings on eBay?

Only the seller and the highest bidder see the listing results, and only the seller knows who bought the item. There are cases where private listings are appropriate, such as the sale of high-priced items or approved pharmaceutical products, but you should only make your listing private if you have a specific reason.

Is there a way to create a reserved listing on Etsy?

Creating a “reserved” listing is the only thing to do, short of asking your Buyer to start a new Convo. There’s just no good reason why Etsy does not let us have more than one Custom per convo – Sellers have been asking for years! There was a problem fetching the translation.

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