Where can I find trolls in Skyrim?

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Where can I find trolls in Skyrim?

Trolls can be encountered both in the wilderness, particularly in the Rift, and in the deep underground of caves and Dwarven ruins. They have even been spotted in ancient barrows.

How do you get the troll skull in Skyrim?

Troll Skulls are somewhat rare, although at least one is always found in a troll cave.

  1. One – Belethor’s General Goods store in Whiterun, on the table to the right of the door.
  2. One – Outside the cave Darkshade.
  3. One – On the table in the Harbinger’s Quarters, Jorrvaskr, Whiterun.

Are Giants friendly in Skyrim?

A certain marsh in Skyrim has the only friendly giant in the game. He is mourning the death of his mammoth, showing that giants have at least some form of emotional intelligence.

What level are bears in Skyrim?


Creature (ID) Lvl Soul
Bear (00023A8A) 12 Lesser
Cave Bear (00023A8B) 16 Common
Snow Bear (00023A8C) 20
Bear CC (FExxx873) 30 Greater

What happens if Lydia dies in Skyrim?

When dead, her body will not disappear or move, so go to where you last saw her alive. You cannot use console commands to bring her body to you, unfortunately.

What is troll fat used for in Skyrim?

Troll fat seems to have some use in maintaining boats, possibly for waterproofing, as several can be found on board the ships in the East Empire Company Warehouse. Atub, an Orc mage in Largashbur, will ask for one Troll Fat, and a Daedra Heart for the quest The Cursed Tribe.

What happens when you buy an armored troll?

If an armored troll is purchased at higher levels, the Dragonborn may receive an armored frost troll. Once hired, they will act similar to regular followers, but only accept basic commands, which are wait, follow and leave.

Why are there no female giants?

Giants have a Orc-like culture that has settlements dominated by an alpha male, so all the giants we see in the wild are cast out. Giants are a matriarchal/amazonian society that only keeps men around for breeding.

Where do you find a troll in Skyrim?

The Udefrykte is a unique Troll found during the Dark Brotherhood quest, ” The Cure for Madness “, at the Dawnstar Sanctuary in an ice cave.

How big are trolls in the Elder Scrolls?

Trolls are large, ape-like humanoids endowed with three eyes. Their powerful arms and claws deal massive physical damage. Trolls are also very strong defensively, possessing high health levels and a particularly effective ability to quickly and fully regenerate health during combat.

How old do you have to be to get a troll in Skyrim?

The armored troll counts as an animal companion, so the Dragonborn cannot have an armored troll and another animal companion at the same time. There are two types of armored trolls: normal trolls and frost trolls. To get an armored frost troll, the Dragonborn must be at least level 20.

How do you get a frost Troll in Skyrim?

To get an armored frost troll, the Dragonborn must be at least level 20. A Frost Troll in Skyrim. Frost trolls are larger in size than those found in Cyrodiil, but are much slower as well. Frost Trolls are considerably stronger than regular Trolls, and are tough adversaries. Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle. Choose up to 7 games

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