What is wayfoong statement gold?

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What is wayfoong statement gold?

One unit of Wayfoong Statement Gold is benchmarked to one mace of Loco London Gold. You can buy or sell as little as one unit, allowing entry level investment in the gold market. With statement gold there’s no exchange of physical gold, so you don’t have to worry about delivery or storage costs, or risk of loss or …

Can I buy gold through HSBC?

If you don’t have enough money to purchase the quantity of gold you want, you can get a gold loan from HSBC. This loan matures after three years and then must be paid back.

How can I buy gold in Hong Kong?

Location. You can buy gold at the banks or major jewellery shops or gold dealers such as Hang Seng Bank and Chow Tai Fook. Different banks and jewellery shops offer different products. If you’re looking to buy gold coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf, you can find them at some certain banks in Hong Kong.

What is gold price today HK?

Gold Price

Commission-free Gold Price (HKD)
Gold Ingot (per tael)
Commission-free Gold Price (HKD) Reference Gold Price with Commission* (HKD)
Gold Ingot (per tael) Sell HK$18,700
Buy HK$15,350

What does 9999 mean on gold?

What does 9999 Mean on Gold? A 9999 mark on gold represents refined gold. Refined gold is pure and has very few impurities. Normally, gold is measured by a number. The number usually doesn’t surpass 3 digits.

How can I buy gold from the bank?

Buying gold from a bank requires you to physically visit a location and then transport your gold and precious metals to a storage facility. But when you buy gold online, you have a custodian or other financial representative assist you in having your assets delivered directly to your or your secure location.

Which country sells cheapest gold?

Hong Kong
Hong Kong. Hong Kong is currently the cheapest place to buy gold. The premium on Australian Nuggets, a type of gold coin, in Hong Kong is some of the cheapest gold to buy in the world at around $1,936 for a one-ounce gold coin.

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