Which way do you move the bridge saddle for intonation?

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Which way do you move the bridge saddle for intonation?

If the fretted note is sharp compared to the harmonic, the bridge saddle will need to be moved back, away from the head stock. If the fretted note is flat compared to the harmonic, the saddle will need to move forward, toward the headstock.

How high should the bridge be on a Les Paul?

Pickup height setting is a little tricky but not a black art. Fender-y single coils have a stronger magnetic pull so need to be backed off, but most humbuckers share one bar magnet and aren’t so strong. So, set the bridge to about 3.5mm and see how it sounds.

Does adjusting truss rod affect intonation?

Intonation is mainly controlled from your bridge, but adjustments you make to your truss rod can affect intonation. To prevent intonation issues, we try to aim for a slight relief. A slight relief in the neck creates low action in the higher frets while preventing fret buzz in the lower frets.

How high should my tune-o-matic bridge be?

A properly installed Tune-o-matic bridge post extends 1/2″ above the top of the guitar, with the other half of the inch-long post screwed into the body.

Why are tune-o-matic bridge angle?

Many guitar designs with fixed bridges have the bridge slanted or stepped so that the distance from nut to bridge is larger for thick strings. The Tune-o-matic extends this idea to make the distance adjustable for all the strings, within limits.

Are you supposed to slot TOM bridge saddles?

Yep, you gotta slot ’em A guitar player (not a repairman) orders a new tune-o-matic bridge, and when it arrives he’s surprised that the saddles aren’t slotted.

Should I top wrap my Les Paul?

Top wrapping reduces string tension due to the shallower string break angle over the bridge, and some players feel this changes the sustain and tone of the guitar. You won’t hurt anything on the guitar and all it will cost is a set of strings.

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