Is Sleepwell mattress good for health?

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Is Sleepwell mattress good for health?

These mattresses come with a combination of memory and PU foams, and focus on the pressure points to reduce backache. Sleepwell also comes with great technological applications. One such technology is Health Fresh, which basically is a treatment that prevents the harmful dust mites, bacteria, and fungi from breeding.

Which is better mattress Kurlon or Sleepwell?

Kurlon and Sleepwell produce a variety of mattresses in India. Both companies offer rubberised coir, spring, and foam mattresses….Comparison chart.

Kurlon Sleepwell
Price 19,615-21795 Generally more expensive than Kurlon and Sunday Rest.

Is Sleepwell a good brand?

Kurlon and Sleepwell are both such type of brands. Most of the products of both Kurlon and Sleepwell are of good quality. Customers do not have major customer support issues. The prices of the products are also reasonable.

Which model of Sleepwell mattress is best?

Sleepwell Duet Luxury Mattress – Memory Foam. from Rs 23,610.

  • Sleepwell Harmony Royale Boxtop – PU Foam. from Rs 23,610.
  • Sleepwell Latex Foam Mattress Duet Air. from Rs 15,276.
  • Sleepwell Mattress Memory Foam Regal. from Rs 33,333.
  • Sleepwell Tranquil PU Foam Spring Mattress. from Rs 15,276.
  • Which is better sleepwell or Duroflex?

    The first one is the Kurlon Kurlo Bond mattress and the second one is Sleepwell Activa Firmtec mattress….Comparison table:

    Kurlon Kurlo Bond Sleepwell Activa Firmtec
    Thickness 5” 4”
    Mattress Type Kurlo Bond Activa Firmtec
    Customer Ratings 4.3 out of 5 3.5 out of 5
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    Which is better Sleepwell or Duroflex?

    Why is Sleepwell expensive?

    I found out that Sleepwell mattresses use high-quality latex material, making them expensive. Hence, you do expect to pay more for such mattresses, which certify their organic material in them.

    Which is the best brand of Sleepwell mattress?

    Sleepwell is a brand that produces quality bedroom products and this brand is doing the rounds in the market along with some other brands as well. This Sleepwell mattress review will help you know about the brand and select mattresses accordingly.

    Is the Sleepwell dignity mattress a good mattress?

    And also the Sleepwell Mattress Review is very good on social media. Sleepwell Dignity Supportec Mattress is a high-quality mattress that actually offers additional benefits to further enhance comfort.

    What kind of mattress is Sleepwell Amity made of?

    The Sleepwell spring range has 4 mattresses – Amity, Serenity, Excecutive Pocket, and Executive Bonnell. Sleepwell Amity mattress is a box top mattress where the quilt is made of viscoelastic material for optimum comfort. The viscoelastic material is manufactured using NASA technology.

    Why are Sleepwell flexi Pu mattresses so durable?

    The mattress also remains cooler due to the coir due to its airier design. The flexi PU foam makes the mattresses durable and also cost effective. Most mattresses sag after a point of time which can be harmful for the back.

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