Writing an Online essay

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Writing an Online essay

Online essays are those which are available in the internet. You can also submit your written articles through online system. Many of the colleges and high schools allow students to submit their written article through internet. This is cheap, convenient and time saving. You don’t need to worry about the binding, paper quality and all other things like in the hard copy.

This type of paper essay is very much similar to the general article, so you need to be aware about the general article writing techniques. Every article is based on some topic. You may have the freedom to choose your topic or your college may provide you any topic of their choice. In the first case you should use this freedom of choosing very wisely. The topic that you should choose needs to be very much under your control. You need to have the grasp over the chosen topic and you also need to have the curiosity to go deeper in the subject.

In the second case you don’t have this freedom as the college will choose subject for you. In both the cases a lot of literature survey is extremely helpful to have a more command over the subject. Besides increasing your knowledge it will help you to plan your research methodology in the most efficient manner. Try to go through different related journals, magazines and books to gain a good knowledge over the subject.

Like every university essay this also starts with the introduction section. Objectives of the study, the nature of the problem, the methods employed and the analysis techniques adopted must all be clearly stated in the beginning of the writing in the form of essay introduction . This sections needs to be written in an interesting and persuading manner. You should always keep in mind that this section is the first chance to impress your readers and if you can’t do it properly your readers may never bother to go through your full writing. It should give a bird’s eye view of the main sections of the essay.

The main body of the writing will evaluate the topic in a detailed manner. In this section you will have the liberty to show your knowledge over the subject. This section can contain different sub sections as you think necessary.

The conclusion section will summarize the main points of discussion once again. It can also talk about the limitations that you have faced at the time of doing the research work and the probable courses where the future researchers should deal. At the end of the article you should add the bibliography and the reference section. The bibliography section shows the name of the different sources that we have used directly or indirectly for making the article.

Online essays are submitted through the internet. Today many colleges give their students this opportunity to submit their article by using the internet. These kinds of essay examples are very much similar to the ordinary essays the only difference is in the submission process.

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