Writing an MLA style Research Paper

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Writing an MLA style Research Paper

Writing a research paper in a particular style requires a good knowledge of the style asked for. Having a manual of the style you are using, in hand for reference is also necessary because it is impossible to remember all the clauses regarding the research paper documentation. MLA style, which is one of the most liberal styles of documentation, is mainly used for subjects like English and humanities. But even on MLA style being one of the least demanding styles, there are many aspects which need to be remembered while writing a MLA style research paper.

MLA style is preferred for English language due to the liberty, the writer gets, to work without having to worry about complex rules. All the same, full liberty is not permitted as style rules are meant to provide a common platform for documentation. But writing a MLA style research paper is a rather easy job compared to writing those in other styles.

One thing you must remember while writing a research paper in MLA format is that the title page and the references page are a part of the main research paper document itself. Unlike the other styles of documentation, it is not necessary to separate these pages in a MLA style research paper. This is one of the key factors to remember. The title page will be a part of first sheet of the research paper document and the citations will be given as a continuation of the last page.

The font preferred by MLA style is Times New Roman and the preferred font size is 12pt. The objective of using this font is to keep the print legible and clear as Times New Roman is one of the most legible fonts available. The whole text is expected to be double spaced with one inch margins on each side. Sticking to these aspects will not only reflect the trouble you have put into your assignment but it will also make your research paper look neat and well-organized.

Another point to note is that the research paper citations in the different styles of documentation, even though they all serve the same purpose, are known by different names. In a MLA style research paper, the citations are to be made under the heading of ‘works cited’. Parenthetical references or in-text citations are also required in MLA style writing. Footnotes, even though not much preferred, aren’t strictly forbidden either. Considering the liberal ways of this writing style, you must always refer to the assignment guidelines to confirm the requirements of that particular assignment. All instructors have their own preferred methods which they apply while staying within the permitted realms of the style. These variations or alterations can be determined only from the guidelines of the particular assignment.

Since the documentation style is one of the most important criteria for the judgment of your work, you must adhere to all the given instructions. A MLA style research paper, ironically, is a bit confusing for the student as the instructions are to be matched with that of the assignment guidelines. If you don’t feel up to the task, you may opt to get a custom research paper written in MLA style.

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