Writing an Interesting Introduction to a Classification Essay

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Writing an Interesting Introduction to a Classification Essay

The introduction of all types of assignments should be written with due consideration to the requirements of the paragraph. When it comes to a classification essay, it is important that you provide all the necessary information expected by your readers, without fail. If not, it will make it extremely difficult for them to follow your essay.

The matter included in the introduction varies slightly according to the type of assignment and the intellectual level of the audience addressed. Hence it is necessary to have an overall idea of what could make an interesting introduction for a classification essay while handling that type of assignment. The first thing to understand is that the kind of introduction would depend upon the nature and objective of the essay.

The first line of the introduction should be written with the objective of introducing the topic to the reader in an interesting manner. You can also give additional background information on the topic. That will enable the reader to follow the rest of the essay in a better way. But stick to information which is relevant to the classification. If you mention irrelevant aspects of the topic in the introduction, it will distract the reader from the focus of the essay. And do not elaborate too much as essay introductions are supposed to be short paragraphs of five to eight lines. And do not give away too much either as it would kill the curiosity of your reader.

In order to effectively convey your theory in a classification assignment, you must introduce your reader to your concept of classification as well. This concept which would form the base of your classification can be termed as the classification principle. A classification essay topic can be dealt with from various angles based on different principles. It is important to let the reader know which angle or principle you have used to classify your topic, in order to make a fair judgment, possible. Hence, the classification principle must be included in the introductory paragraph. It must be conveyed legibly in such a way that the reader will be clear about what perspective to use to understand your essay.

The theory which you formed out of the classification should be stated as the thesis. This would be the last line of the introductory paragraph. The theory must not be stretched beyond a single sentence. It should be stated clearly and comprehensibly. This, being the focal point of your essay, must be conveyed properly. If your reader does not understand what the focus of your essay is, they shall not find the essay interesting at all.

The principle of classification of an object or a topic will change with the person who handles the assignment as there are very few people who look at an object through the same perspective. Hence the introduction of your classification essay must project the main features of the essay which include the topic, the classification principle and the theory. Introductory paragraphs give the readers the first impression about your essay. Hence it is necessary to frame it in an interesting way. As the old saying goes, “the first impression is the best impression”.

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