Writing an Effective Scholarship Essay Conclusion

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Writing an Effective Scholarship Essay Conclusion

Scholarship essays are written for the purpose of acquiring financial assistance for continuing your education. This essay works as a self-introduction for the applicant. Your special abilities and writing skills will be judged by the essay you present. Hence it is very important to pay attention to the grammatical and structural aspects of your essay. The conclusion of the essay, even though it comes only towards the end, plays a very important role in the impression created. The scholarship essay conclusion will be slightly different from that of other essays, owing to its personal nature.

For the purpose of applying for a scholarship, you will be filling out a formal application form in addition to the essay. Only those details which are not mentioned in that, but is relevant to the application, should be included in the essay. The conclusion, in normal essays, would be a sum total of the rest of the essay. But since the objective of a scholarship essay is different, it should be written with this particular aim in mind.

Students tend to relax by the time they reach the part where they are supposed to write the conclusion. But most of the time they don’t realize that a bad conclusion can ruin all the good impression created by the rest of the essay.

There are certain options which you can consider for your scholarship essay conclusion.

• Pick a quote: Find a quote that is relevant to your objective or your skills. Elaborate on it in relation to the points discussed in your essay.

• Your special skill: Talk briefly about how your special skill would benefit the requirements of the course.

• Story so far: You can use the conclusion to talk about the struggles you have been through to get to that point. But keep it short. One line on it would be ideal.

• Personal note: End your essay on a personal note about how your dreams would be shattered if you don’t get through the scholarship. But do not sound as though you wish to attract sympathy. Be bold in your statement.

The scholarship essay conclusion should mainly work to put emphasis on why you deserve the scholarship more than anyone else. It can be used to stress upon those skills and qualifications which will complement the course you are aiming at. Being an essay of autobiographic nature, good language skills will be of a lot of use while writing a scholarship essay.

In order to manage an effective scholarship essay conclusion you need as much writing skills as are necessary for the rest of the essay. Essay writing is a skill and those who are good with words will be able to write very good essays without any proper training. But all are not so lucky. Considering the importance of a scholarship essay, it would be unwise to take a chance with it. Hence, if you are not sure of being able to manage it well, you should consider taking help from experts in the field. Academic writers would be best for the purpose as they will be more familiar with the academic essay writing and educational documents.

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