Writing an Action Research Paper Introduction

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Writing an Action Research Paper Introduction

While preparing a research paper you have to be careful about how you frame the structure of the assignment. Each component of the structure must be prepared with due consideration of its objective. Action research papers are quite different from other research papers in its nature and methods. Even though its basic structure would remain the same as that of any other research paper, the contents will differ slightly.

An introductory paragraph is supposed to introduce the topic and the thesis to the audience. Considering this objective of the introduction, you must include the following points in your action research paper introduction.

1. Introduce the topic. This will need to be done with reference to the subject area of research. Since various topics can be dealt from different angles to suit various subjects, it is necessary to let the audience know the subject area of your research.

2. Address the research question. Clearly define the nature of the problem as well as its scope in the current research field. Your audience must understand the research question well enough to understand the solution you provide.

3. Set the background of research. Since action research involves doing a practical experiment to prove your point, you need to make your audience aware of the background in which the research was done.

4. Introduce the participants or volunteers. If it is not necessary to mention their names separately, mention them collectively as a group defined by the organization they belong to. For example: “the members of the arts club of the institution…..”

5. Explain in one or two sentences, what your plan was and how you expected your plan to bring forth the results as you had guessed. Do not elaborate too much.

6. Mention the methodology briefly. Keep it brief as you will be elaborating it in the body paragraphs of your action research paper. In action research the methodology is more important than in any other type of assignments. This is due to the fact that the complete focus of the research paper is on the result of the action. Hence you must introduce the action which was performed, clearly but in as less words as possible.

7. State your thesis as the last sentence of the introduction. Action research theses are difficult to state in one line but thesis statements are best when compressed into one line. Hence, use your precise writing skills to express your theory in a precise and crisp form.

Action research papers are not very common in all subjects as it is not suitable for all types of topics. But it is necessary for all students to understand how the action research technique works and how the paper should be presented. If you have run out of time for writing out your research paper, due to some unexpected delay in your research, you can opt to get your research paper prepared by academic writers.

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