Writing a summary essays

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Writing a summary essays

Writing a summary essays we summarize different incidents. It doesn’t necessarily mean to make a short narration. It is basically trying to catch the different aspects of an incident in the shortest possible manner. You need some real dexterity in writing a good quality summary essay.

To write this type of essay first you need to understand the whole topic. It is important to read all the relevant documents those will help you know every thing about the topic. To know this properly you need to do extensive literature survey. You need to go through every related journal; magazines, related research papers and others those will give you required information to understand the topic from every different possible angle. The background study of the topic is also very much relevant.

After the literature survey the next step is to make the introduction and the thesis statement. The introduction will give the brief details of the topic so the readers can become familiar with the topic. Apart from giving a brief detail about the topic it will also give a hint about the purpose and the research methodology that you have adapted to achieve your purpose. In this section you can also discuss about the importance and significance of the topic and the reason that have attracted you in choosing this topic. The essay statement will come at the end of the first paragraph of the introduction section and here you have to tell the main theme of the article in a few sentences. The cover page, literature survey and the background study section are also the parts of the introductory paragraph of the article.

The main body of the paragraph will follow the introductory section. Here you can tell about the research methodology in details and also the outcome of the whole project. The sampling design, collection of relevant data and information and the analysis are the main parts of this portion of the article. In this kind of essay format your main source of data will be secondary. You need to collect this data from different possible sources and then you need to use it for the final outcome.

Remember that in this type of essay writing you need to summarize the whole topic from a certain pint of view by providing all the supporting documents. The analysis section will strongly depend on the understanding of the topic and the secondary sources of data and information. This part of the essay will also contain the limitations of the study section. This section will highlight the drawbacks of the whole project.

The final part of the essay paper is the conclusion section and it will summarize the whole project in a nutshell and it can also talk about the future possible work those can be done on the topic. You might omit this part if your teacher gives instruction to do so. The bibliography and the reference sections are two important sections of this part of the article.

Summary essay generally summarize a certain topic from different angles. It is very important to gain in depth knowledge of the topic before writing this type of essay.

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