Writing a Persuasive essay

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Writing a Persuasive essay

Writing a persuasive essays are those which are written in a very powerful manner to attract the attention of the readers and to persuade them to go through the whole paper. A good essay writing skill is required for writing this particular type of essay.

Good essay writing starts with the intelligent choice of a topic. To attract the attention of the readers your subject needs to be interesting. Even if the subject is not so interesting try to mould the problem statement in such a manner so it sounds interesting. You should always remember that first impression is very important and you can’t deny that.

After choosing the topic your next step will be to make a proper research design to execute the field work before you actually start writing. In this stage you need to do the sample design, collection of data and the analysis of the collected data by using different statistical analytical tools available. The sampling design will help you to collect the sample in such a way so the whole process of data collection become less time consuming and under the allocated budget but at the same time it represents the universe in the most appropriate manner.

After collection of this data for the college essay the data are tabulated so the analysis becomes easier. Analysis work after tabulation is generally based on the computation of various percentages; coefficients etc. by applying various well defined statistical formula. In the process of analysis, relationships or differences supporting or conflicting with original or new hypotheses should be subjected to tests of significance to determine with what validity data can be said to indicate any conclusions.

For instance, if there are two samples of weekly wages, each essay sample is being drawn from factories in different parts of the same city, giving two different mean values, then our problem may be whether the two mean values are significantly different or the difference is just a matter of chance.

Through the use of statistical tests we can establish whether such a difference is a real one or is the result of random fluctuations. If the difference happens to be real, the inference will be that the two samples come from different universes and if the difference is due to chance, the conclusion would be that the two samples belong to the same universe.

Similarly, the technique of analysis of variance can help us in analyzing whether three or more variables of seeds grown on certain fields yield significantly different results or not. In brief, the researcher can analyze the collected data with the help of various statistical measures.

After analyzing and getting the result you have to write the whole findings your essay. The essays generally have three parts the introduction, main body and the conclusion. Though there may be several sub sections depending on the requirement of that particular essay paper.

Writing persuasive essays needs high quality attention, but high quality writing doesn’t only mean flowery language. The content of the paper also needs to be original and derived from in depth original research.

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