Writing a Good Scholarship Essay

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Writing a Good Scholarship Essay

The degree of importance of your scholarship essay depends on how badly you need the scholarship. There are students who will be depending on the scholarship to continue their education. There are also students who are not so completely dependent on it. But considering that there are very few who would go to the trouble of applying if they didn’t want it, all scholarship essays carry some importance for the writer. If you wish to avail of the offered scholarship, you will have to convince the panel, who is authorized to finalize the candidates, a reason to offer it to you.

Keeping this objective in mind, first note down the points you want to include in your essay. You may either spread out your points in a categorized method with your virtues under a separate sub-heading and weak points under another. You can also write it as a continuous narration, if you are good enough with words. What matters is that your essay is legible enough and written in flawless language.

As you are expected to list your strengths, you are also expected to mention your weak points. Strengths, in this context would mean those abilities of yours which would complement the course for which you are requesting the scholarship. For example, if you are requesting a scholarship to pursue English literature, your essay need not elaborate on your mathematical skills. Focus on those strengths of yours which will justify your wish to pursue the particular subject for which you want to be funded.

As for your weak points, mention them but always maintain a higher ratio of positive points. Make it sound as though your drawbacks are ignorable compared to your skills. The flaws which you mention should not be something that would affect the educational sector you wish to join. Always remember that nobody wants to give the scholarship to someone who may not be able to use it to the best.

While writing about your special skills, you will have to furnish solid evidence to support your claim. Just saying that you are good at it will not do. Claims are considered ‘baseless’ when presented without evidence. Hence remember to attach proofs of the skills you mention in your scholarship essay.

Do not give your essay the tone of distress. It will give out the wrong impression of you wanting to get the scholarship on sympathetic grounds rather than that of your merits. You should mention why you need the scholarship but it should be reasonable and believable. It should be precise. This is a formal document and elaborating on your personal issues will not make it sound good.

Writing an impressive scholarship essay asks for a good deal of writing skills. It is not very easy to talk about your own virtues and convince the person on the other side that you are not being boastful. The way you present yourself as a suitable candidate is very important. If you are not sure of your own skills with words, you may get your essay done by professional academic writers.

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