Why and How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay Paper?

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Why and How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay Paper?

Students usually have a great amount of paperwork to take care of. While some essays like definition paper are simple, others like argumentative pieces require more time. As for the compare and contrast essay, it is somewhere in the middle concerning difficulty. It may be easy to contrast two cities, but it’s a different situation when you have to compare two historical events or marketing techniques. Such types of topics demand a lot of research and reading.

You may wonder why students should write a comparison essay. It is another essay type in academic writing implemented to check the student’s knowledge, skills, and English language proficiency. It teaches to analyze two different things enough to find similarities and differences between them. It may be useful for your future career. For instance, people of business hire a marketing specialist to compare their products or services with those suggested by their competitors. It allows defining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company.

As a fan of some movie universe, you may wonder which hero is more powerful. It is done for fun. In fact, even if you try to point to the reasons why Batman won the war against Superman in ‘Batman vs. Superman’ film, you should know how to write a compare and contrast essay paper. This set of skills is useful if you run your own fan blog. After all, video bloggers, as well as content bloggers, may earn good money for the number of clicks, views, and comments. That’s why a student should be ready for any academic challenge: most probably, you will face a similar situation in real life.

Stop shouting at your partners and throwing the comic book at their heads. It is time to master a more official style of conflict management.

Top Recommended Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas

From time to time, the topic of your contrast paper may sound rather confusing or contradictive. When you face such situation, try to collect as many information as possible on each subject separately. Then, start comparing the two or more issues.

Balancing between comparing things can be very difficult unless you come up with some good comparison and contrast essay topics for college students. A good topic must contain a lot of information on the internet. When you have a right to choose the idea for your paper, use it! Don’t miss your chance to present your deep knowledge of the subject.

  1. Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator: The Best Solution for Professional Photographs
  2. Differences between North and South of the United States
  3. iPhone or Samsung: Which Device Is More Reliable?
  4. Material and Non-Material Traits of Happiness
  5. Traditional vs. Digital Sales: Which One People Tend to Trust More?
  6. Pop Music vs. Rock Music
  7. Creation or Evolution?
  8. Which TV show is Better: The Simpsons or Family Guy?
  9. Conventional and Alternative Medicine: Pros & Cons of Both
  10. Basic Differences in How American Society Treats Biracial Women Now and 100 Years Ago

As you can see, these compare and contrast essay ideas cover various disciplines: from History and Gender Studies to Nursing and Computer Science. It is a proven fact that students who manage to cope with contrast assignments better than others become great sales managers and marketing specialists!

The following words used in compare and contrast essays may help you: “unlike,” “in contrast,” “as compared to,” “vice versa,” “instead,” “more than,” “less than,” “on the contrary,” “on the other side.”

More Comparison and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

  • American football vs. soccer: what’s the difference?
  • Any topic comparing protagonists and antagonists
  • Communism vs. capitalism
  • US English and UK English
  • Were World War I and World War II similar regarding causes?
  • The Bible vs. The Torah

Before you learn how to make a compare and contrast essay outline, you need to memorize the structure of this 5-6 paragraph paper.

Common Structure of Compare and Contrast Assignment

Now, let’s talk about the new approach to preparing a structure of the contrast essay. A student should follow a specific question throughout the paper. The old-fashioned essay structure is not relevant any longer. Well, you can use the old format too, but we recommend trying a new one.

  1. Introduction

You may start writing with a joke, citation, interesting fact, or shocking statistics. Lead your reader to the thesis statement smoothly.

  1. Include all comparisons

This part includes several paragraphs describing all similar traits of the subjects you try to compare. A good comparative essay must contain minimum three comparisons, but you can include 5 or even more.

  1. All contrasting items

Dedicate this part to discussing the peculiarities of the topics of your choice. Try to come up with at least three differences in short body sections.

How to End a Compare and Contrast Essay

  1. Conclusion

As a rule, the last paragraph is a conclusion. It remains the same for all types of academic papers. If you hesitate how to end a compare and contrast essay, just begin with restating your thesis. Do it in a more official way this time. No need to include any citations in the end.

Do you know the secret of an excellent paper? Your introduction is only a method to force your reader to make it through. The conclusion is what really matters. Good comparison and contrast essays should focus on the last paragraph meaning conclusion. The best way is to enclose your paper with the question for further discussion. For instance, “Do you believe that Superman would take over Batman on his native planet?”

Do you know how to write an essay comparing two or three things without spending too much time and efforts? We’ll tell you more: you can have a rest while the expert writers from our educational team complete the papers on any topics for you. It is as easy as ABC: send us your instructions and mention the due date. Be sure to obtain the finished essay on time or even before the deadline!

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