What is topics essay

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What is topics essay

What is topics essay, works with different kinds of issues. Now to choose a topic is an art that you need to gather because choosing a right topic can make your job of research paper writing much easier.

The first step of every essay writing paper is the selection of the problem. As long as the nature and character is not clear in the mind of the researchers, they would not know how to make a start and will grope in the dark. Therefore clarity and definiteness about the problems is a must of any research paper. The researcher is not merely a spectator who can afford to deal with any and every problem he comes across in a community.

His approach should be practical and motivated by utilitarian considerations. Therefore, he must choose a problem which is significant and whose solution would make some practical difference to the life of the community. A researcher should choose his problem, keeping in view the importance of the problem for community and the accrual of tangible benefits to the community consequent upon its removal.

Following is the choice of the problem, the aim and purpose of college essay must be well defined and made crystal clear because without the knowledge of goals research project would be like a ship on sea without rudders. Research paper will lack direction in the absence of knowledge of goals. Moreover, the efficiency of a researcher can be measured only in relation with achievement of goals and if we do not know a goal, we shall have no criterion to judge the success of a research.

These goals may be specialized or generic. For example, collection of census data is for general purposes. The social survey of living conditions of laborers or the statistics regarding indebtedness of labor are researches having specific aims. At times the aim of the research is to bring out the general notice of the facts which are known by some only. What ever may be the aim of the essay paper , it may be generic or specific but it must be well defined.

Another important point to remember is the examination of the sources of information before you actually select a topic. After primarily selecting a descriptive essay , the next requirement is to decide about and examine the means of information. The sources of information must be accessible and free from duplicity and mischief. If the research is being made for the first time it is called primary research and upon its basis there can be further advance. The data gathered through primary research is called preliminary data.

If the research is being made before then it is called secondary research and its data is called secondary data. In different types of researches different techniques of data collection methods are employed. For primary data, the information is obtained through schedule, questionnaire and direct interview of individuals. Secondary data obtained through published or unpublished material or primary survey and also from official and non official reports.

Topics essay works with different topics and issues. Whet ever the topic you should choose it must be well defined and it should give you a clear idea about the goal of the research.

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