What is technology essay

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What is technology essay

What is technology essay , deals with different aspects of this subject, its genesis, improvement and the future course. It also deals with the impact of technology in changing the course of human civilization. This essay is informative and analytic to a good extent.

Samples essay would involve historical instances. The history of mankind reveals that the development of human societies has always been associated with the technological breakthrough. For example, the development of countries especially in Asia and the Pacific region has been very closely related with their technological capabilities in agriculture. Man crates technology. Transfer of technology is done for the sake of man to make him healthy and happy in the society.

The essay writing technology means application of mind for learning methods and techniques for completing a given work or job efficiently. It involves collaboration of human hands with human brain to fashion and design tools and devices as well as technical know how and applying the same for which they have been created. Use of technology examines the ability of man beyond natural capacity of his body.

Understanding connection between elements of nature on the one hand and the capacity of manipulating it on the other hand to achieve human ends is necessary for the emergence of technology. So we can say that existence of manipulative capacity of human mind reflecting creativity underlying the emergence of tools, technique and processes together refer to technology system which involve intellectual comprehensions.

It always happens to be a descriptive essay as the system is broken into several components. There can be both hardware and software technology. Hardware refers to physical computer equipment and associated devices. Hardware must provide five major function……..a) Input or entry b) Output.

c) Secondary storage for data and programmers. d) Central processor e) Communications.

Software is broad term given to the instruction and directs the operation of the hard ware.

The software can be classified into two major sections: 1) System software and 2) Application software.

The database contains all data utilized by the application of software. What is procedure? Formal operating procedures are physical components, because they exist in physical form such as manual or instruction booklet.

Three types of procedures are required as mention below:

a) User instruction b) Instruction for preparation of input c) Operation instructions for computer operations personnel.

The systematic application of knowledge to meet the needs and desires of man, including its embodiment in machines, tools, and product processes and software, is called technology. Software means organization and management of ways of doing things. There can be both capital intensive as well as labor intensive technology. One who designs and repair machines and tools are called an engineer. Engineering is a process to perform designing and preparing as well as utilities.

For this kind of essay format you need to make experiments on your own to get primary data. Research methodology for this type of article will largely depend on the collection of primary as well as secondary data and its proper analysis. Different statistical methods are employed in the analysis section to get bias and error free result.

Technology essay will talk about different kinds of technology, its significance and future course of action on this field.

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