What Is Critical Thinking Essay

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What Is Critical Thinking Essay

What does critical thinking mean? Relatively to essay writing, the word “critical” means writer’s attitude towards the article he/she reads. This attitude may be described as an “untied evaluation”, which means that you should weigh the conformity of the text, its completeness, and so on, before you reject or accept it.

Examine several good critical thinking examples found on the web, and you will see that every critical essay begins with a clear analysis of the reading: book by book and article by article.

Relatively to essay writing, the word “critical” means writer’s attitude towards the article he/she reads

Critical Thinking Essay Writing Tips

You should include the following parts into your analysis:

A short summary of the author’s idea:

  • Briefly describe the main theme or thesis
  • Important facts that support the idea
  • Summarize author’s explicit ideas
  • Present the author’s conclusion and some suggestions for actions

An evaluation of the text:

  • Sum up the facts which are presented in the text. Focus on relevance, correctness, and define if there are some relevant facts that are not mentioned
  • Evaluate or judge the logical part of the author’s argument
  • Characterize the author’s ideas and express the way you feel about the standards

Consider while you are writing:

  • Choosing among critical thinking essay topics, be careful to choose the one that you will be able to find enough materials on.
  • Critical thinking paper should be informative. You should emphasize the work studied rather than express your emotions about it. All claims made need to be supported with evidence.
  • Critical does not mean that you have to criticize and attack the author’s work. Rather you should think critically and discuss your findings.
  • Make sure to make your discussion well organized. Support every section with arguments and make sections logically follow each other.

Hopefully, these basic tips will help you and make your critical essay writing easier!

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