What is a research paper

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What is a research paper

What is a research paper is asked by every student in getting a paper done for the various subjects they have undertaken to pass their semester with nice grades. We provide few samples or specimen copies which shows the standard to be expected from us. But you can’t get your customized article from here. How to write research paper comes along with it.

Though different universities have different rules for making a research paper still there are some fundamental similarities among them. We shall discuss these in the subsequent chapters. Every article starts with a title page. The title page can be considered as the covering page of your paper. The title of your paper, the place of your research study, the name of your supervisor/co-supervisors etc. will take place in the title page. The format you can choose according to the instruction of the approving committee. It can also have the acknowledgement section. Global warming article forms one of our biggest successes in the environmental section.

Abstract forms the first text of your document. The abstract should brief the main idea of the composition in an interesting way. It should be capable of catching the essence of the document. Another word of caution before choosing your topic. Always choose a topic which is very specific and still largely unexplored. Never choose a general and common topic. Always remember that you are writing a composition which requires a paper format . Also choose a subject where fair amount of data can be collected. If you choose a subject where collecting data are not possible or it is too costly then the research can’t be carried out.

After the abstract comes the background study. This reveals in which background the study has been conducted. This also reveals the significance of the study for the present and future era. This gives a chance to the writer to tell the readers about the macro factors of the research and present a holistic view to the readers. Then you can write the content page. This is basically the index of your whole paper.

The article introduction part of your study should state your expectations from the study and the object of your research. Then you have to present the collected data in graphical or ordinary forms. There are two types of data that we use fro the research purpose. One is primary data and another is secondary data. Primary data is first hand data which is exclusively collected for our research for the first time. Whereas the secondary data is previously collected data by someone else.

Then we have to analyze this data. The analyzing tools should be free of any biasness, reliable and valid for our purpose. The conclusion that you give should be based on your research findings. There should not be any personal biasness. At the end of any paper we generally give the bibliography sections. Here you can mention the names of all the books with the name of their authors which you have used for the research work. Also you should mention the other sources like the name of the websites etc. APA style referencing is widely followed for getting it referenced.

What is a research paper is understood by our writers well as they are periodically exposed with the various nuances of writing on a subject of interest. All the various sections would make sure that the information falls into right place for visibility.

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