What is a reflective essay

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What is a reflective essay

What is a reflective essay is a big question that deals with your different experiences of life and how those experiences have enriched you as a better human being. This type of essay writing needs introspection and it is not merely description of experiences. You need to understand the significance of the events and how they have affected your thinking process and help you learning new dimensions of life.

The essay writing of this kind of essay is not an easy job; rather it requires a great skill and dexterity on the part of the writer. Writing is an art that one learns through practice and experience. The writer may at times, seek the guidance from experts for accomplishing the task of writing. The following points one should remember at the time of writing this type of essay:

a) The thesis statement in this kind of essay should be very clearly written in very simple English. It should give a hint about the outcome and the objective of the writing. The essay introduction must be illustrative for sharing the information regarding the entire paper.

b) The writer must give reasonable explanations of the relations which he has found and he must interpret the lines of relationship in terms of the underlying processes and must try to find out the thread of uniformity that lies under the surface layer of his diversified research findings. In fact, this is the technique of how generalization should be done and concepts be formulated.

c) The research methodology should give emphasis in collecting data and its proper analysis in the light of the acquired facts and information. Here the analysis section needs to combine both the micro and macro perspective of all the incidents.

d) Extraneous information, if collected during the study, must be considered while interpreting the final results of the study, for it may prove to be a key factor in understanding the problem under consideration.

e) It is advisable, before embarking upon final interpretation, to consult some one having insight into the study and who is frank and honest and will not hesitate to point out omissions and errors in logical argumentation. Such a consultation will result in correct interpretation and thus will enhance the utility of study results.

f) The writer must accomplish the task of assignment writing only after considering all relevant factors affecting the problem to avoid false generalization. He must be in no hurry in interpreting results, for quite often the conclusions, which appear to be all right at the beginning, may not at all be accurate.

Just like an ordinary essay it will also have the three parts as the introductory, main body and the conclusion part. But the writing needs to be analytical and introspective in nature. It should have the capacity to create an impact on the readers of the mind by analyzing the incidents in a proper and scientific way.

Reflective essay gives an impression to the readers about the different incidents that have happened in your life and the enrichment that you have felt after analyzing the situations. It deals with those private matters that you can discuss with your readers.

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