What Is a Case Study?

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What Is a Case Study?

A case study format requires a presence of a certain problem that should be resolved by a reader. For instance, a psychology case study should have enough information about a psychological question to let the reader understand the core of the problem and after analysis he/she should be able to come up with a proposed logical conclusion.

The same is with marketing case study, management case study, business case studies or MBA case studies: the audience should find a solution to an issue presented. For instance, writing business law case studies is like writing a small detective story: you need to keep readers interested in your situation.

A perfect case study template is more than a simple description. It is a work composed in such way that puts the reader in the same position as the writer. The case study examples are descriptive in some way, but on the other hand, they arrange all information and come to conclusions, telling the reader what’s going on, so he/she does not have to make much effort.

..case study format requires a presence of a certain problem that should be resolved by a reader

Case study structure

If you have no idea how to make a case study, then it is time to say a few words about its structure.

  • Introduction

Write a short introduction to a problem.

  • Background

Starting a case study analysis, your reader has to get an overall description.

  • Other sections

Depending on different aspects, like a sphere of knowledge of your case, the sections of it should be organized to let each type of data have its own section. To let your reader understand how to solve case study, you should compose it logically and coherently. For instance, leadership case studies should observe a problem from different angles, including ethical, business and economic implications. All the aspects are equally important.

  • Conclusion

Your case needs a conclusion. The best way to write an effective one is to leave the reader with more questions rather than simply putting an answer.

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