What about Informal Essay Definition?

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What about Informal Essay Definition?

There is nothing easier in academic writing than informal essay. It should seem that students are glad when they are given freedom to write how they want. However, often they are puzzled and have no way to tell how to write informal essay.

If you are not sure what kind of composition it is, let’s refresh your knowledge. Informal essay is free writing on any topic imaginable. Its main features are conversational style and entertaining tone. You must have come across lots of informal essay examples: from magazine articles to blogs. If so, then informal essay doesn’t conform to any writing standards, does it? Surprisingly enough, it does. Here are some of them.

Informal essay is free writing on any topic imaginable

Informal essay writing tips you may want to know

Speaking about informal essay format, there are no clear-cut or established standards. However, there are features that are peculiar to any informal essay sample.

  • Undoubtedly, any essay should be structured otherwise it won’t be readable. Informal essay is no exception either. It may go without clearly-defined borders or length, but it’s still split into a number of meaningful paragraphs one of which contains the main idea, and the rest evolve it through the text.
  • All rules that must be observed in formal writing are practically broken in an informal essay. All forbidden constructions and wording such as colloquial language, contractions and even slang words are main distinguishing features of informal writing. Finally, you are free to use them.
  • Author-reader communication. Writing on any of the informal essay topics, be it education issues or teenagers life, you can address the reader as if you were old pals. Use the first person pronoun to talk about personal experience or pronoun “We” to get the audience involved in writing.
  • Literary tricks. Informal essay shouldn’t be boring. Even if you’ve got a red hot topic to write on, make it even catchier. Use dramatic irony, create suspense or bring a scene to life by means of personifications.

Finally, don’t deny to express yourself the way you are.

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