Ways to write a research paper composition

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Ways to write a research paper composition

Ways to write a research paper composition is a challenging job even for the veteran writers. It took a lot of hard work and energy to finish a research project and to present it in the most beautiful manner.

The starting point of any custom research paper is the topic choice and then makes a proper research problem statement from it. For doing this a lot of literature survey, background study and help from guides and colleagues are essential.

After choosing the topic your next job is to think of the research methodology . This will determine the methods that you will be applying for solving the problem and the reasons for choosing these methods. In this part you need to do the sampling design, data collection and the analysis of the gathered data and information. The sampling design helps us to mark the sample from the universe by examining which we can get the correct result with a certain precision. It saves our cost and time.

There are various ways of data collection. The researcher must judiciously select the method/methods for his own study, keeping in view the following factors:

1) Nature, scope and object of inquiry: This constitutes the most important factor affecting the choice of a particular method. The method selected should be such that it suits the type of inquiry that is to be conducted by the researcher. This factor is also important in deciding whether the data already available (secondary data) are to be used or the data not yet available (primary data) are to be collected.

2) Availability of funds: Availability of funds for the research project determines to a large extent the method to be used for the collection of data. When funds at the disposal of the researcher are very limited, he will have to select a comparatively cheaper method which may not be as efficient and effective as some other costly method. Finance, in fact, is a big constraint in practice and the researcher has to act within this limitation.

3) Time factor: Availability of time has also to be taken into account in deciding a particular method of data collection. Some methods take relatively more time, whereas with others the data can be collected in a comparatively shorter duration. The time at the disposal of the researcher, thus, affects the selection of the method by which the data are to be collected.

4) Precision required: Precision required is yet another important factor to be considered at the time of selecting the method of collection of data.

Collection of data is followed by analysis of the gathered data and information. The analysis technique that you will use depends on the nature of the research study. The analysis will provide us the findings of the study.

This whole process should be written in the proper manner. The specifications given by the university should be maintained. Citation formats like APA, Harvard, MLA research papers are quite common for universities all over.

Ways to write a research paper composition needs the combination of both field work and the writing skill. First you need to do the project and then you need to write the whole process in black and white.

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