Understanding the Basic Aspects of an Argumentative Research Paper

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Understanding the Basic Aspects of an Argumentative Research Paper

Writing a research paper is all about studying a topic in great detail in order to bring some new aspect of the topic to light. There are many types of research papers and each has its own unique objective. Argumentative research papers are one of the most common types of research paper assignments for the simple reason that they emphasize on the basic objective of all research papers – proving the point. But there is the difference that the method of proving the point is that of an argumentative nature.

Unlike analytical or opinion research papers, for an argumentative essay or research paper, you need a thesis which can be debated. Most types of writing assignments need a thesis as its focal point. But the nature of the theses varies with each assignment. In an argumentative research paper, the thesis would declare the perspective the writer has on the topic or a new aspect about the topic which is arguable. There is a simple theory that an argument cannot be termed so if it has no counter argument. This aspect leads to one of the most important facts about an argumentative theory – it should not be an obvious or unquestionable aspect. For example, you cannot argue that ‘earth is round in shape’. It is a known fact which is proved beyond any doubts. Nobody is going to argue against it. Hence it is a fact and not an argument.

A strong arguable thesis will only make a good base. What you build on that base is what determines the efficacy of your submission. Arguing is quite easy and fun while done verbally. Most people boast of being capable of arguing their point. But it will be foolish to judge your argumentative writing skills based on your ability to argue verbally. An argumentative research paper requires you not only to present a thesis but also to argue for it. While arguing a theory, you will need evidence to support your argument. Without strong and substantial evidence your theory will not materialize into an argument. This ascertains the importance of extensive research while dealing with an argumentative assignment.

A good and interesting topic can take quite a lot of load off your research paper writing process. Study the guidelines carefully and choose a topic accordingly. But while choosing your stance on the topic, make sure that you are not going for the obvious. It always helps to pick a topic which you are familiar with. But if you are someone who enjoys the trouble of studying a topic that is new to you, there is no harm in choosing one as long as you know how and where to start your research process. If you are choosing a topic that is not so familiar, make sure that the deadline is not very tight.

Argumentative research papers not only showcase your knowledge of the topic but also prove your confidence level. Your writing skills will also get assessed by the efficiency with which you present your argument. Handling a research paper assignment will be easier if you know what a good and impressive research paper look like. Take a look at our research paper samples to find out how to present your theory effectively.

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