Tips on Preparing the Body Paragraphs of a Classification Essay

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Tips on Preparing the Body Paragraphs of a Classification Essay

The structure of an essay has been designed to help the author to convey the matter easily and also to help the audience follow the author effortlessly. While the introduction introduces the topic, the body paragraphs elaborately discuss it and the conclusion wraps up the discussion. The content that goes into the structure varies with the type of essay and the topic. In a classification essay, the discussion in the body paragraphs must be aimed at explaining the classification theory and process to the audience.

Even though you will be mentioning the classification principle in the essay introduction, you will have to explain it in more detail in the body of your classification essay. Since the classification would be based on this principle, it becomes necessary to explain it in the first body paragraph itself. Starting the first body paragraph with a mention of classification principle will also link the introduction to the body paragraphs. It will also lay the base for the further discussion.

You can present your classification in many ways. You can either categorize it by separating them into columns or you can write them as continuous paragraphs. Columns are easier to organize and convey the matter, considering that it is an essay, it would be great if you can present the matter effectively through paragraphed text. But in order to accomplish the task of explaining the classification through paragraphs you need good writing skills. You also need to know how to go about doing it.

To start with, in the first body paragraph of your classification essay, explain the classification principle. Your explanation should be clear and detailed. The reader should understand what your classification is based on, to follow the discussion in the next few paragraphs. After conveying the principle, link it to your topic. Explain how it works for your topic. For example, if you are classifying the fashion trends of a country, on the basis of the climate, you can start by linking this principle to the clothes. You can say “The clothes preferred by the people of this country can be divided into three based on the climate. The most preferred winter garments are …, summer garments are…, monsoon wear are… and spring clothes are…”

Once the principle is linked to the topic, the rest of the process becomes easy for you and the readers alike. After the first body paragraph, divide each of these aspects into separate paragraphs. Talk about winter garments in one, summer garments in another and spring and monsoon clothes in separate paragraphs. Remember that you will have to aim at bringing the points together and confirming the theory or thesis you stated in the introduction.

Classification essays are all about evaluating the topic according to its specific features. Your evaluation can be useful only if conveyed successfully to the reader. And effective presentation is the key to conveying the matter in a classification assignment. Hence, make sure that you have framed the body paragraphs of your essay in a well-organized way. If you are not sure of how to go about your essay assignment, you may consult our academic writers for further assistance.

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