Tips on Following the Dissertation Guidelines

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Tips on Following the Dissertation Guidelines

While writing a dissertation you are expected to follow certain rules regarding the documentation of the work. To make the student aware of the rules that apply to the research project, certain guidelines will be provided. Deciphering the dissertation guidelines and following them to the minutest detail is mandatory while preparing a dissertation.

The guidelines are prepared by the research committee with due consideration to the various aspects of the subject which the topic is related to. The components of the guidelines have been put together with the intention of providing a common platform for the judging of the submitted assignments. Hence it forms a major part of the judging criteria as to how well you have adhered to the guidelines of the project. There will be instructions regarding the various aspects of the final document to be submitted, in the guidelines. It is important to make sure that your final draft fits into each and every one of them.

The first point you will have to look for among the guidelines is the one regarding the topic. Certain assignments come with pre-assigned topic but most of them just have instructions on the kind of topic to be picked. These instructions are very important and should be interpreted in the correct way. Once you are through with the task of finding the topic, you should look for the documentation format to be used for your dissertation. It is one of the most important parts of the instructions as the preferred documentation style changes according to the subject. Every part of the document will have to be framed according to the style asked for. Hence it is ideal to figure out the documentation style even before you start preparing the outline.

The citation method is usually to be determined by the instructions given in the documentation style guide. But certain projects come with guidelines which ask for specific alterations in the citation methods. This has to be followed as well. Even if it is contradictory to the style rules, you are supposed to follow your own project guidelines above those in the style guide. Hence, keep an eye out for any kind of instructions on the citation methods as well.

The various sections to be submitted, also, change with each project. For example, some projects ask for a separate literature review whereas some others don’t. There will be instructions regarding the title page, the abstract and the other sections as well. You might also be instructed on the particular order in which these sections should be filed. This part of the instruction is better reviewed at the stage of preparing the final draft. There will also be instructions on the finer points of the document, like the font to be used and the line spacing and so on. Studying the guidelines and understanding them well enough to follow it perfectly is very important while preparing a dissertation.

Do not think of your dissertation guidelines as a trouble. Guidelines are designed to help you through the process. Sticking to them will only make your task easier. If you have trouble with any part of your dissertation, you may consult our academic writers.

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