Tips for Choosing an Argumentative Research Paper Topic

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Tips for Choosing an Argumentative Research Paper Topic

Many aspects need to be taken into consideration while choosing a topic for a writing assignment. The type, the nature and the objective of the assignment are just a few of them. Without a good and appropriate topic, you will not be able to put together, an interesting research paper. There are various factors which determine the suitability of an argumentative research paper topic.

In order to be able to understand what a good argumentative topic could be, you will need to first appreciate the fact that the audience or readers of your argumentative research paper would be expecting an ‘interesting argument’ and not an interesting subject of discussion. For a good example, as ‘global warming’ is a theory which is arguable from both ends, it will make an interesting topic for discussion. But if you state that ‘global warming is harmful’ it will not make an interesting argumentative thesis. It is a common and popular belief and you will not find many who would argue against it. On the other hand, if you present a theory saying ‘global warming is not so much of a threat as projected’ that will make an interesting argument. Understanding this difference between an interesting topic and an interesting argument is crucial for the purpose of choosing a suitable argumentative topic.

The first step to finding the right topic would be to study the guidelines well enough. Once you understand the given instructions well, the job of choosing a suitable topic would be much easier. In an argumentative research paper, you are expected to take a view or present a theory, on the topic, which is an arguable one. That narrows your search into topics which are not proved as yet and also views which are not very common. The more arguable your theory is, the more interesting the argument would be. Theories which contradict existing views make excellent topics for argumentative researches. But while opting to choose such a topic, make sure that you have the means of proving your argument. Only if the argument is proved with substantial evidence would your research paper get accepted.

The sources you choose for your research paper influences the value or credibility of your argument. But finding good sources alone will not help if you can’t access them whenever you need to. Hence the availability of good credible sources and easy access to them also should be confirmed before you close in on a topic.

Your knowledge of the topic also should be considered in relation to the deadline of the assignment. If you have a lot of time to finish the assignment, you can choose topics which are not so familiar to you as well. But if the deadline is tight, choose a familiar topic to make the research process easier and faster.

Choosing a suitable topic is not an impossible task. It will be easy enough if you know what you want and what your options are. Do not take a chance with the topic of your argumentative research paper as it will not be easy to change your first choice at a later stage of your research paper writing process.

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