Thematic essay

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Thematic essay

Thematic essay’s high scoring nature is one that corroborates a clear, detailed understanding of the subject, addresses all aspects of the task, expresses an ability to analyze, evaluate, compare, and/or contrast issues and events, richly supporting with relevant facts, examples, and details. It is a well-developed paper essay, consistently demonstrating a reasonable and comprehensible plan of organization .It encompasses the topic by establishing a framework that is beyond a simple restatement of the task and concludes with a summation of the matter.

The topic essay will fetch best scores and will be successful in scoring high if your write-up presents a satisfactory understanding of the topic, addresses most aspects of the task or addresses all aspects in a limited way, shows an ability to analyze or evaluate issues and events, but not in any depth, is a satisfactorily developed paper, demonstrating a general plan of organization, includes some facts, examples, and details, introduces the subject by repeating the task and concludes by repeating the idea.

Your descriptive essay article will be mediocre if it shows a limited understanding of the idea; attempts to address the task, develops a faulty analysis or evaluation of issues and events includes few facts, examples, details, and may include information that contains inaccuracies, is a poorly organized article, lacking focus and fails to introduce or summarize the subject.

But your article may lose its meaning and worth altogether if it shows a very limited understanding of the topic, lacks an analysis or evaluation of the issues and events, attempts to complete the task, but demonstrates a major weakness in organization, introduces little or no accurate or relevant facts, details, or examples and fails to introduce or summarize the subject.

An argument oriented essay , thus, is an exercise designed to bring out your pedagogical opinions about a book or primary source that has a direct relevance with the course topic. While many students dread writing, this assignment should actually be something that you can enjoy! It is a way for you to practice expressing yourself, proposing ideas, and solving puzzles.

This is a tangible skill that you will use in your life beyond the University — either in your future career or in simply in verbal communication in formal or informal


Generally the due date of submission of paper is provided in the syllabus. You should not wait until the weekend before the paper is due to get started. By starting earlier, you will be able to think about the text and, if time permits, submit a rough draft to the

instructor for their review.

Jot down points when reading. This means that you need to record both your ideas and the author’s ideas. Be sure to note the page number and location of particularly important ideas and evidence. You will not be able to remember these and most book indexes are only basic reference tools.

Draft an outline before you write your paper. This is essential to having a clear and persuasive argument.

Thematic university essay is a unique creation. You will be judged not by “getting something right” (although your facts can be wrong) but by how well you are at your organization, synthesis, integration and dissemination of facts and figures using historical evidence and training.

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