The Body Paragraphs of a Narrative Essay

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The Body Paragraphs of a Narrative Essay

Narrative assignments can be a lot of fun if you know how to go about it. The liberal nature of narrative essays gives you more freedom with words and style. This freedom, when used appropriately, can make your essay an outstanding one and the process of writing, stress-free. Even though there will be lesser rules regarding the structure and its components, your narrative should not look like a jumble of words or ideas.

A good narrative will be smooth flowing and organized well enough to form a story. Unlike other essay introductions, in a narrative essay, the introduction need not necessarily introduce the topic or state the thesis. Hence the matter conveyed in the body paragraphs will be expected to make up for the absence of a formal introduction. If you have skipped the mention of your essay topic in the introduction, you must get to it at least in the first body paragraph. Even though it is not mandatory to do so, it is necessary for the audience to be able to follow you.

Avoid too many flashbacks in the body paragraphs. Also, avoid the use of phrases like “we will come to that point later” as these diversions will distract the reader and ruin the flow of the writing. If you are proud of your writing skills you can do it without breaking the flow at all. These techniques, when used well and in a timely manner, can add to the appeal of the essay. But if you are not so confident about your writing skills, it is ideal to progress forward without looking back or hinting on the future, while writing a narrative essay.

Avoid using names repeatedly. Arrange names in such a position as will help you in avoiding too many repetitions. It is the same with events. Do not narrate the same incident twice even with the prefix of ‘as discussed earlier…” because if your reader has a reasonable memory, it would sound repetitive. And the risk of repetition boredom must be avoided, at all costs, in a narrative essay assignment.

Body paragraphs take up the majority of the portion of your assignment. Hence the chances of spelling and grammatical errors are more in these paragraphs. But as in any other writing assignment, structural, grammatical and spelling mistakes will not be permitted in a narrative either. Such mistakes will take huge chunks off your marks. Hence make sure that your assignment has been edited and proof-read before you submit it. While editing your assignment, tally it with your essay prompt to make sure that you have met the objective of the assignment. Even though narrative essays are flexible in many ways, that does not let you compromise on the focus of the assignment. Your essay must fit the given prompt or chosen topic.

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