Techniques of writing college essays

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Techniques of writing college essays

Techniques of writing college essays require a lot of tenacity, persuasion and analytical skills. A lot of hard work is required to gather all the necessary information from different sources, analyze it properly and then to write it down in a proper manner.

Students often find it difficult as they choose wrong subject. So the first important problem is to choose the right topic in which writing something new is possible for you and you have the required knowledge and interest over the subject.

After choosing the problem you need to make the required essay methodology. This will give you the plan for making the sampling design, collection of data and the using of proper analytical techniques. The first step in developing any sample design is to clearly define the set of objects, technically called the Universe, to be studied. The universe can be finite or infinite. In finite universe the number of items is certain, but in case of an infinite universe the number of items is infinite, i.e. we cannot have any idea about the total number of items. The essay paper would make sure to fetch an universe of ideas and thoughts.

An academic essay would make sure to fetch the right kind of detail. The population of a city, the number of students in a school and the like are examples of finite universe, whereas the numbers of stars in the sky, the number of sands in the sea beach are examples of infinite universe. Another important thing in determining the sample design is the question of the specific population parameters which are of interest. For instance, we may be interested in estimating the proportion of persons with some characteristics in the population, or we may be interested in knowing some average or the other measure concerning the population. There may also be important sub groups in the population about whom we would like to make estimates. All this has a strong impact upon the sample design we would accept.

The data are basically of two types for essay writing purpose and they are 1) primary data and 2) secondary data. There are different methods like questionnaire method, case study method, observation, survey etc. for collecting the primary data. For collection of secondary data you have to scan through different journals, books, magazines, dossiers and all other government and private publications.

The most desirable approach regarding to the selection of method depends on the nature of the particular problem and on the time and resources i.e. money and personnel available along with the degree of accuracy. But, over and above all this, much depends upon the ability and experience of the researcher. The next step is the analysis of all these collected data and information to tell the result of the total project. According to the necessity you need to use different analytical tests so you can get a clear picture about the solution of the problem.

The whole process should be written according to the given specification given by your college. Some of the important sections are the cover page, introduction, literature survey, thesis statement, research methodology, analysis, essay conclusion , reference etc.

Writing college essays is a challenging task for the students. They need to do the proper home work before starting to write one.

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