Student Essay

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Student Essay

Tips on writing effective student essays

Essays are written for various purposes ranging from educational assessments to contests. The form of essay writing is also often used for writing articles for magazines or journals as well as for personal diaries. But each type of essay is different. The pattern and style changes along with the objective of the essay you are writing. A student essay is usually written for the purpose of academic assessment.

Preparing an interesting essay is not an easy task. But if you wish to acquire good grades in academia, you must perform well in your academic writing assignments. Even though each essay has its own positive aspects and flaws, there are a few mistakes which are often made by students while writing essays.

• Poorly framed title: One of the main letdowns which the instructors suffer is when they fail to find any kind of relation between the title of the essay and its content. It is extremely confusing for the reader when it happens and if the reader happens to be your teacher, you are definitely going to lose marks for a bad or inappropriate title.

• Lack of a proper thesis: A thesis is the idea around which you would prepare your essay. It is the focal point of your writing. When the thesis is not strong enough or when it is not defined well, it leads to the essay looking unfocused and too generalized to be interesting.

• Poorly framed sentences: While attempting to frame complex or compound sentences, it often happens that the final output does not make any sense. It also happens, sometimes, that the matter gets wrongly conveyed. Simple sentences are most effective as they convey the matter easily, in a simple way.

• Formatting errors: As formatting comes towards the end of the essay writing process, most student essays get submitted with a lot of formatting errors. This happens also because the students are not fully clear about the instructions in the guidelines.

• Grammatical and spelling mistakes: Even though many students are proficient in English, it does not, somehow, help them in writing without any mistakes. Grammatical and spelling mistakes are a big let down to those who are reading an essay and it makes your essay totally unimpressive.

• Absence or wrong usage of punctuations: Proper usage of punctuations is extremely important while preparing an essay. But, unfortunately, there are very few who know how to bring the best out of the words, using punctuations.

• Missing references or wrong referencing style: It does not look good in a student essay when the referencing has been done in the wrong manner and if you have forgotten to cite your sources, then it would amount to plagiarism.

There are quite a lot of common errors which come up in student essays. An interesting essay would be one which fits into the guideline instructions and which is prepared with due respect to all the formatting and referencing guidelines. If you are not sure of how to handle your essay assignment, you can consider getting a custom essay prepared for your project. We can offer you an experienced writer who is highly qualified in your subject. With the help of our academic writers, you can own an outstanding essay.

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