Stating the Thesis Effectively in your Classification Essay

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Stating the Thesis Effectively in your Classification Essay

All writing assignments need a thesis to form a focal point for the matter discussed. Without focus no writing assignments will make any sense to the reader. This focal point is better known as a thesis. The nature of the thesis varies with the type and kind of assignment. In a research paper assignment it would state the theory which is to be proved but in an essay, it would be the main point of discussion. In a classification essay, your thesis would be the theory which you formed out of your classification process.

The classification of your topic would reveal various aspects about the topic to you. For example, if you are classifying the types of the types of art forms that are native to a region, it will reveal some unique aspect to you about the region. That aspect would be the thesis of your classification assignment. Your challenge would be to justify the thesis you present. The classification you provide must be capable of doing that. An interesting theory based on the classification, duly justified, is the best thesis for a classification essay.

It is not just enough to find an interesting thesis or theory to write on. It is also important to pay attention to the way you present the thesis. The thesis is mentioned for the first time in the introduction of an essay assignment. It would be the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. It is stated in the introduction in order to let your readers know what the focus of your essay is. The thesis statement also serves the purpose of binding the various parts of the essay structure together by reappearing in the conclusion.

There is a small difference in the way you state the thesis in the essay introduction and the conclusion. While you state it in the introduction, you cannot add emphasis to the point as the reader is still new to the concept or your idea. Even though essay writing doesn’t insist on novel ideas or original thoughts, the perspective of handling the essay question would not be the same for all students. So, in the introduction of your classification essay, you would only be introducing your readers to the impression you have formed on the classification.

In the conclusion, you can state the thesis with more emphasis and authority as you have explained the matter elaborately in the body. You would have already proved your understanding of the topic through your classification and categorization which would give you the authority to form a theory on it. Hence you can take a confident tone while stating the theory in the concluding paragraph. Remember to use the statement in the conclusion to bind the introduction and all the body paragraphs together. This is to be done using the main points mentioned in the body paragraphs.

The thesis must be stated clearly and effectively for the audience to be able to follow your classification essay and its principle easily. It is also necessary to state it in the appropriate way in each part of the structure. All types of academic writing assignments, including essays and research papers, have their own purposes. Your thesis should suit the purpose of the particular assignment, for the assignment to be impressive.

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