Research Paper Writing Tips

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Research Paper Writing Tips

Tips On How To Write A Research Paper

Research paper writing tips deals with different ways of writing a research article. Though there are different opinions about the ways of writing a quality paper and its contents yet some sections are common almost in every custom research paper. These sections are:

  • IntroductoryIn the report of a research project first of all a general introduction should be given as a preface. The preface should also point out the importance of the research paper. If the project has been sponsored by some organizations or government department, a brief introduction to this organization or department is necessary. It may also include bio-data of some important office bearers of the sponsoring body. Thanks may be given to those who have been helpful in the successful completion of the project. Thesis statement is a part of this section.
  • Description of the problemAfter the preface or introductory portion of the report, the problem of research should be described. In this step a brief introduction to the importance of the problem is given. The reasons for the selection of a particular problem are also explained. If some work has been already done on this problem then the distinction of the present survey from the previous studies is invariably pointed out. This is called literature survey. The aspects of the problem which should be particularly attended are also pointed out.
  • Field of studyWhile studying any problem it is necessary to point out the field of its study. The delimitation of the area or scope delimits the expenses, means and energy. It helps in arriving at exact results. Therefore, the report should clearly mention the limitation of the field, scope and area of research. This saves the investigator from many criticisms.
  • Research methodologyEvery research requires particular types of methods of study. The success of the research project depends upon its methods. The report of the study, therefore, should clearly specify the methods of study. It should also explain how the adopted method is better than other methods. If the research has been conducted through questionnaires and schedules the report should include a copy of them.
  • Analysis and presentation of dataThe most important step in a research proposal project is the analysis of data. It should be mentioned in the report in details, pointing out different steps such as collection, classification, editing and analysis etc. It should also point out interrelation ship in the facts gathered. Then, the report should mention the method of presentation. Presentation is a systematic communication of the conclusion. In order to make the report likely, attractive and easy to understand, the results are presented through tables, charts, maps and photographs etc.
  • Limitations of the studyThis section will talk about the demerits and limitations of the study and the way to improve it in the future course of study.
  • Conclusion, bibliography and referenceThese sections are generally found at the end of every orthodox research paper. Reference styles like MLA, Harvard, Chicago and APA style research papers are quite common.

Research paper writing tips discusses different contents of the paper and the way to write those contents.

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