Research paper writing guide

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Research paper writing guide

Research paper writing guide is the instruction for how to make a proper article? It gives you an overview of different parts of the article, its composition and importance.

Before making a good research paper you need to do some home work. The main aim of every article is to search new areas and try to find something new. And if you want to find something new you should choose a topic in which you are most comfortable. Never choose a topic in which you are not comfortable. Another thong is the availability and accessibility of data. For doing the project you have to gather some data upon which the research paper conclusion of your project will base. Now if you choose a topic in which required data are confidential in nature or it is not accessible because of some other reasons, then you need to be sure before hand that you have the source or budget to collect those data.

There is no hard and fast rule about the sections which your article will cover and the arrangements of these sections. However we will tell you a general way to choose and arrange your sections of the article. Your article will start with a cover page containing the name of the article, its place of study and the name of supervisor and co supervisor. It should be followed by the acknowledgement section. After that you can write the content page. It is an index for the whole article.

The content page will be followed by the literature survey. The literature survey will give the details of different work already conducted in this field. After that you can write the introduction. The research paper introduction will state the importance and scope of the topic chosen and the approach of the article to get some new insight into the topic. After that you can write the background of the study. The background of the study will be followed by the representation of the data.

The data can be represented in different graphical form. After that you can present the analysis section. At the time of choosing the analytical technique and doing analysis remember that everything needs to be totally unbiased and reliable. Your findings should be totally based on the gathered data not on your personal prejudice. It will be followed by research methodology, limitations of study, conclusion section and the bibliography section.

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