Preparing an Interesting Argumentative Research Paper Introduction

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Preparing an Interesting Argumentative Research Paper Introduction

Writing an introduction is not always easy. Sometimes it just comes easily to you and some other times you might end up spending days without being able to get hold of those perfect words to start off with. It is fine if you have enough time in hand. But ‘a lot of time’ is too much to hope for, in today’s competitive world. So it is best to know certain basic aspects about the introduction for your assignment which will come in handy when you are in a hurry to finish your assignment. The nature of the introductory paragraph changes with each assignment. An argumentative research paper introduction also should be written with regard to the specific objectives of the assignment.

The purpose of an introductory paragraph is to introduce the topic and your theory to your readers or audience. It should not only declare these aspects but it should reflect the nature of the assignment also. An argumentative research paper assignment is prepared with the objective of presenting an argument about a topic. This aspect should be made clear through the introduction.

The first three to four lines of your introduction should talk about the topic and the subject. Remember that these first lines will be rather generalized. You do not have to mention your theory in these lines. You just need to give the necessary background information on the topic in relation to the subject and the reason why you chose to study this particular topic. Discuss the scope of the topic, your special interest it and why the audience should listen to or read through the material you have put together.

The last line of your introduction would be your thesis statement. This is where you would place your argument. Since an argumentative research paper focuses on arguing the point, make sure that your thesis statement clearly projects the fact that it is an argumentative statement. Your thesis statement is the most essential part of your research paper. This will be the focal point as well as the essence of your research. Keep it short, crisp and clear. Do not give away too much information. Leave the main points for later. Remember it is not an abstract but just an introduction.

Through the introduction of your argumentative research paper you should convince the audience that the topic and the argument are interesting and worthy of their time. You should use this paragraph to showcase your knowledge of the subject as well as your skills in the area of the topic of research. Do not give any reason for your audience to suspect your proficiency in the subject area.

A majority of the people tend to judge the whole document according to the way you have prepared the introduction. Hence pay attention to your language and writing as well. Do not make any mistakes in the introductory paragraph of your research paper. Use short, simple sentences and frame a short paragraph which is informative enough. Each part of the structure of your assignment should be prepared carefully. The introduction of an argumentative research paper should prepare the audience for the upcoming argumentative discussion.

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