Picking an Impressive Title for an Argumentative Research Paper

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Picking an Impressive Title for an Argumentative Research Paper

Choosing an appropriate title is one of the most difficult parts of handling a writing assignment. You might spend days and weeks on this one task. But the trouble will prove a worthy one as a good title can give you a good start by creating a positive impression about your research paper submission. An argumentative research paper is one that deals with an argumentative topic. This aspect should be kept in mind while picking a title for the assignment.

The main mistake which students do while picking a title is the use of unnecessary words which makes it look less like a title and more like a statement. Remember that a title is not a statement. It is just a phrase which tells your reader what your research paper is about. For example: “An argument on whether the idea of women liberation is practiced in Indian society” is not an impressive title. “An argument about” is absolutely unnecessary as the reader will be aware of it either from the abstract or if not, they will be told of it in the introduction. Even after omitting that part, the rest of the sentence would still not make an interesting title as sounds like an interrogative statement.

One of the options of a simple but good title for this topic would be “Women liberation preached but not practiced in Indian society”. You might be able to find better titles than this for the purpose but this is one title which would be quite acceptable. It covers the problem and specifically addresses the argument.

The usages like “A study of” or “an argumentative presentation on” or yet “a research into” are all better avoided when picking a title for your argumentative research paper. The title need not be a complete sentence. It should ideally be a phrase which is structured well enough to make complete sense. A well structured phrase will help in omitting unnecessary words. You can say that a good title is one in which there are no words which can be deleted off.

The title of your argumentative research paper should most certainly tally with the content. You might have come across books and movies which leave the audience wondering what the theme has got to do with the title at all. Do not make that mistake with the title of your argumentative essay or research paper. A fancy or vague title will not be appreciated at all in a research paper submission.

It is necessary that you capture the essence of your argumentative research paper in the title as the title is what gives your audience, or the readers, the very first impression about your research paper. The first impression is, as the saying goes, the best impression. A good research paper title will be able to generate interest in the audience about the upcoming discussion. Even if you have to spend days looking for a good title, the effort and time spent on it is well worth it. An effective and impressive research paper or term paper title will help you in creating a positive initial impression about your project, which will last throughout.

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