Narrative Essay Tips and Tricks

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Narrative Essay Tips and Tricks

Writing a narrative essay is very similar to a storytelling. However, unlike an ordinary story, a good narrative essay sample has some distinctive features to keep in mind. Here are some top how-to-write-a-narrative-essay tips:

Make your closing paragraph sink into readers’ mind. Lick your main point into shape drawing relevant conclusions.

Welcome to narrative essay rubric!

Since the narrative is a story, it will follow all the characteristics of the storytelling such as:

  • Introduction

Naturally, any story will have an introductory part where the author presents the topic and tries to hook the audience to keep them engaged. That’s exactly where you should make the main point or thesis statement for narrative essay that is developed throughout the text.

  • Plot

Or better known as the body in academic writing. A good narrative essay example is rather brief, compelling and not overload with descriptive details. It can be read in one breath since it focuses on coherent sequence of events.

  • Characters

Dynamic plot development is impossible without characters. You may have only two of them but they should be charismatic and memorable.

  • Setting

Story location is as of a great importantance as well. It creates a specific mood and makes the story one-of-a-kind.

  • Climax

It is the most difficult part when all narrative essay ideas draw to a head and conflict if any, is resolved.

  • Conclusion

Make your closing paragraph sink into readers’ mind. Lick your main point into shape drawing relevant conclusions.

How else can you set narration from any other essay type? A mind narrative essay format remarkable for:

  • The first person narration. A story is usually told from the author’s perspective.
  • A dynamic language with sensory descriptions meant to evoke readers’ feelings.
  • The use of the past tense. It makes the narration run smoothly.

Good narrative essay topics

Narrative essay topics are as diverse as our life is. These may well be a story of your life, unforgettable experience or a cautionary situation, to name just a few:

  • If I could turn back time
  • The hardest decision
  • The day I will never forget
  • Memories from my childhood
  • Surviving the first year at college

The subject for a narrative essay depends on your imagination unless you are assigned the one by a tutor. However, even an ordinary topic can be made vibrant and memorable.

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