MLA style Research Paper Title Page Format

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MLA style Research Paper Title Page Format

The style of documentation of research findings developed by Modern Language Association is known as the MLA style. It is one of the most commonly used styles for academic research papers. It is simple and with lesser clauses than the other styles. It is mainly used for the documentation of literature, arts and humanities researches. The research paper title page in MLA style is a very good example of the simplicity of its methods.

The purpose of the title page is to give the reader information regarding the writer and the general aspects regarding the submission. The components of a title page are more or less the same in all the documentation styles. What changes is the way you arrange the information. Even though the differences look too insignificant to you, those fine differences are what set each writing style apart from another.

The main point to note about an MLA style research paper title page is that it is not a separate one. There are certain cases where the instructor would ask for a separate title page. If there are no specific instructions regarding the title page in the guidelines of your MLA style research paper, it is to be formatted according to the style format.

In an MLA style research paper, the information is to be arranged on the top of the first page of your research paper itself. The name of the author, the name of the instructor, the course and the date come on the top left hand side of the first page of your research paper. These are to be arranged, double-spaced, one below the other, respectively. Right across this, on the top right hand corner of the page, you will place your surname and the page number, both in the same line. Below the date, leave two spaces down and type the title. Align it to the center. Below the title, leave double space and start writing your research paper.

To be more precise:

• Top left: Name of the student, professor, course and date.

• Top right: Surname of the student, page number

• Centrally aligned below the date: the title of the research paper.

• Right below the title: the research paper.

It is quite easy to learn and follow the MLA style of writing once you understand its simple ways. But quite ironically, students get confused about the simplicity of this style as they expect more complex rules for research paper writing styles. But rest assured that MLA style is, indeed, as simple as it seems. Research paper title page is the easiest part of a research paper assignment. For the same reason it is necessary to pay attention to the way you present it. There is nothing that can go wrong with this page and hence if you make a mistake with the formatting of the title page, it will create a very bad impression and will be counted as carelessness and lack of commitment.

Before submitting the document, make sure that the names and title have been spelled correctly on your research paper title page. Check the spacing and alignment as well. Remember that your research papers reflect your commitment to your studies.

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