MBA research essay

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MBA research essay

MBA research essay deals with different issues of management. This has become one of the most sought after subject of the modern times. Before knowing the way of writing research article we need to know some knowledge about management and managers. Such essays are quite common for business school students.

The important characteristics of management are:

a) It is an essential ingredient of all organized work.

b) Management is a distinct process.

c) It is an integrating force.

d) It aims at achieving pre determined objectives.

e) It is universal in character.

f) It is intangible.

g) It utilizes interdisciplinary approach.

Manager needs to have different skills to be a successful one. They are the innovative, creative, technical, human and conceptual skills of an individual. Various authorities suggest different skills for the successful managers. But a manager needs to possess the following skills. A) Technical skills B) Human skills C) Conceptual skills D) Decision making skills.

a) Technical skills: A manager should possess the ability and knowledge in using the resources, techniques and procedures in performing his job based on requirements of the organization and situation. He should be aware of skills to be employed in his particular enterprise and should be capable of asking intelligent questions about the use of techniques in his organization. Such paper essay would be in detail and focused.

b) Human skills: This means the ability of the manager to interact effectively as an individual and as a member of the group. He must have the spirit of co operation and coordination. His interpersonal skills of functioning with superiors, sub ordinates and peers must be good. Human skills are equally important at all levels of management because performance is to be achieved through effective group performance. A manager is to resolve conflicts, motivate, lead and communicate effectively with others. A sample essay would fetch all the details out.

c) Conceptual skill: This refers to the ability of the manager to see the organizations as a whole and to co ordinate and integrate both internal and external factors. They have to see how the parts and variables fit together to form a system. These are needed for planning and strategy formulation. The very planning feature is quite common in business research paper .

d) Decision making skill: This means the ability of the manager to arrive at a practical solution to a problem. He has to design a workable solution to problems in the light of realities they face. He is to be a problem shooter, par excellence. This is possible only when he has to be good understanding and analytical potentials. So a successful manager should have a fair blend of these skills.

Writing an article on this subject needs a lot of hard work in the form of collecting and analyzing the data. The research methodology is of utmost important and the part of research methodology like sampling, collecting data and analyzing requires a bit more emphasis in this kind of writing. But the chapters like literature research paper survey, background study of the research paper should not be ignored totally.

MBA essay talks mainly about management and managers. It is very much practical subject and needs a lot of examples form the real business world.

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