Law essay

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Law essay

Law essay paper deals with different laws, their origin, importance, implications and effects on the society as a whole. This is one of the binding force because of which our society still exists.

You can find the existence of this essay subject in the very old civilization like the Egyptian civilization. This subject at that time was related to different social code which was based mainly on the tradition and the religion thought. The Sumerians are the first to make the law code with if then relationship. In Babylon at the time of King Hammurabi all the existing law code of Babylon were Inscribed at the stone for the common people.

Literature review – If we want to say the name of the first real legal book then it was the Old Testament. The Greeks and the Romans had contributed a lot in the making of modern legal theories. Even the ancient Chinese and Indian civilizations had developed structured legal coding system. There are different types of laws in the modern society. Some laws are related to common people and some are related to different countries. Different international laws which governed the relationship between different countries are made by United Nations and its different associated bodies. International Court of Justice is the principal judiciary body of the UN. Its headquarter is in Hague, the Netherlands. The university essay would make a difference.

All countries which are parties to the statute of the Court can refer to it in any case they wish. Other states can refer cases to it under conditions laid down by the Security Council. In addition, the Security Council may refer a legal dispute to the Court. The general Assembly and the Security Council can ask the Court for an advisory option on any legal question. Other organs of the UN can ask for advisory options on legal questions within the scope of their activities.

The Court is composed of fifteen independent judges, elected regardless of their nationality. Care is taken, however, to see that the principal legal systems of the world are represented in the Court. No two judges can be nationals of the same state. The judges serve for a term of nine years and may be re elected. They can’t engage in any other occupation during their term of office.

All the essay writing questions are decided by a majority of the judges present and the President of the Court can cast the deciding vote in case of a tie. Because of the increased trade relations between different countries in the modern world different laws of WTO have become the subject of hot debate.

There are different laws for the common people like the criminal law, property law, tort law, civil law etc. there are other laws also for good administration of a state or country. To write a good article you need to do the proper literature survey of a five paragraph essay paper to know the history of the law and you also need to do the field case study to understand the significance of that law in the society.

Law essay paper deals with different legal matters. There are different international and national laws. It is one of the oldest subjects and it is one of the backbones of our modern civilization.

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