How to Write an Interesting Narrative Essay

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How to Write an Interesting Narrative Essay

Writing assignments are the biggest of challenges faced by students. Most writing assignments are highly demanding in terms of time and effort. Most academic assignments can be handled by dedicating enough time and effort to the project. But all academic assignments are not like that. Assignments like narrative essays require a lot of creative thinking and writing skills in addition to a good knowledge of the topic.

Writing a narrative is a very interesting activity for those who have a flair for writing. Writing a narrative essay aims at taking the reader through an incident, a story or a series of inter-related events to convey the main point. The main challenge with writing a narrative  is that the reader will have high expectations about having an enjoyable read. A good narrative is usually very interesting to read. Hence, you will have to meet the criteria of generating interest in the reader and keeping it on till the end, for your narrative assignment to qualify as a good one.

One of the main differences between a narrative essay and other writing assignments is the flexibility of the structure. If you have a creative mind, there is no end to what all you can experiment with, in a narrative assignment. Starting from the essay introduction to the essay conclusion, every part of a narrative assignment can be framed creatively. But if you are not much of a creative person and just want to get your narrative assignment done impressively, then there are a few aspects you must know about narrative writing.

A narrative essay must include an incident or more than one incident which, when put together, gel with each other. The incident should ideally have a beginning and an end and a story within. The main challenge of presenting a narrative is that the essay or the events in the essay should flow smoothly. You can never prepare a narrative with isolated points which does not link to each other. Even if the points are interlinked, the transition from one point to another must suit the style of narration. While organizing the various points, make sure that they are arranged in such a way that all the paragraphs are tightly linked.

Flawless writing is the key to good narration. The narration technique is based on the most powerful usage of words. When you say powerful words, it is not to be misinterpreted as big and complex words. Even the simplest of words are powerful when used appropriately. Only by trying to extract the best out of each word you use, will you be able to prepare outstanding narrative essays.

Writing skills are inevitable for preparing an interesting narrative essay. But writing and language skills cannot be developed overnight. Taking a look at some essay samples will help you understand the essay writing process. But to write an essay of narrative nature, you must be very good with your words. Knowing how to make the best out of the story you have using the simplest of words effectively is the key to writing an interesting narrative assignment.

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