How to Conclude a Narrative Essay Impressively

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How to Conclude a Narrative Essay Impressively

The criterion of grading a narrative essay is much different from that of the other types of essays. The creativity employed in various aspects of the narrative is what makes a narrative assignment interesting to the reader. If you try to deal with it using the common rules which applies to essays, the job will still be done, but in a less interesting manner. The conclusion of a narrative can be framed as creatively as any other part of a narrative assignment.

The conclusion of an essay usually concludes the discussion by giving a summary of all the matters discussed till then. The format of an essay conclusion can be ascertained by studying essay samples. But when it comes to a narrative essay, only by applying your creative skills, you will be able to frame an impressive conclusion.

Even though you have the flexibility to use any style you wish to format it, the purpose of this component of the essay structure should not be compromised on. This paragraph should effectively conclude the essay and the story narrated within. It is not ‘what’ you put into the conclusion but ‘how’ you put it which matters, when it comes to a narrative essay conclusion.

Narrative assignments usually don’t have a thesis or a thesis statement but it has a moral or a message to convey or yet, a lesson which the author learned through the story narrated. This can be included in any of the paragraphs but if you keep it for the conclusion, it will also serve the purpose of giving a meaning to the final paragraph. If you have already mentioned it in the introduction, while repeating it in the conclusion, remember to link it to the story instead of stating it plainly. The essay introduction and conclusion are supposed to be bound to each other thus holding the essay together.

Narrative essays can be concluded in a very creative way. The last line need not be a complete line. You can even end a narrative essay saying. “But life goes on…” But there are a few other points you must remember while trying to apply creativity in a narrative assignment.

• Do not elaborate so much as to make the concluding paragraph too long. Conclusions, even in a narrative essay, would be best if short and focused.

• Do not mention any fresh point which can trigger off the need for further explanation. That will make it difficult for you wind up the discussion or leave the conclusion sounding too abrupt.

• Give the concluding paragraph, a clear and final tone. Even if the last line of your essay is indicative of the story continuing beyond the final point mentioned, the reader must know that the current discussion has come to an end.

Narrative essays require a different type of essay writing skills. Active creative involvement is absolutely necessary if you are hoping to be able to impress your readers through your essay. And not losing the focus or missing the objective, while trying to be creative, is the main challenge you will face while preparing a narrative assignment.

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